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China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd
Under administration of China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd (abbreviated as CTS), China Travel Solution positions itself as a reliable China travel online booking website, which is specializedni to provide diverse authentic China tours, join-in tour, single city tours, tailor made tours as well as many kinds of traditional shows and events. We also provide with abundant China guide information.
China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary company of China National Travel Service (hk) Group Corporation. In 2007?China National Travel Service (hk) Group Corporation merged with CTS Group, ranking the top list in China travel industry. The main properties affiliated to the two parties, China Travel Service Head Office (“CTS”), China Travel International LTD.(“CTI ), China Merchants International Travel Co., Ltd(“CMIT”), China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited (“CTSHK”) as well as its oversea branches incorporated into one company of travel service plate, named as China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd.


With the largest domestic business operation scale and excellent brand advantage, China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd has developed from a travel agency with the main business of receiving oversea Chinese, foreigners, compatriots in Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao to a large-scale comprehensive international travel agency managing inbound travel, outbound travel, domestic travel, business travel, MICE, visa application service as well as flight tickets reservation, with annual tourists reception of several millions. With fine business network,with hundreds of travel companies all over the world and excellent credit reliability, CTS has successively joined the international travel associations like CATS, PATA, IATA, USTOA, ASTA, ICCA. Operating more than one hundred travel agencies spreading around China and the world presently, China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd is the travel agency with domestically largest global network, soundest process service system and strongest comprehensive power, which ranked No. 1 in “top hundred National International travel agencies” in 2007, 2008 and 14 subsidiaries entitled to the “top hundred National International travel agencies” in 2007.
China National Travel Service (hk) Group Corporation, the parent company of China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd, found in April 1928, is one of the 54 key state-owned enterprises, also is one of fourjor State Owned Enterprises in HongKong. After several generations’ efforts, it has developed into a large-scaled group famous around China and the world with the main business of travel service (including online travel service) and backbone business of industrial investment (steel), tourism real estate, logistics and trading. Up to the end of China Travel 2008, the Group had a whole asset of 50 billions RMB, more than 40 thousands employees, and was the travel industry group with longest history, largest scale and most comprehensive components of travel industry. Based upon now, China Travel Service Head Office Co., Ltd will achieve the goal of establishing 8plate companies, 150 subsidiary companies, 500 wholly-owned agents domestically and globally.
The glorious history and achievements inspire us to make more efforts to get progress and elevatethe value of brand name. We will continuously design and improve new products and provide more various travel China tours products with high quality. Our philosophy: quality is everything!
List of Membership of the Following Tourism Associations:
-China Association of Travel Services (CATS) -Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) -International Air Transport Association (IATA) -United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) -The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) -International congress & convention Association(ICCA)

Xian China Travel Service Co. Ltd (CTS) is an important member of Shaanxi Tourism Corporation Group. We are among the first group of travel agencies that are authorized by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). In the evaluation upon the top 100 international travel agencies of China in the past years, we have always occupied the front rank.

  We are staffed with a member of professional tourism management personnel and proficient tourism marketers. Our tour guides offer the first-class services that are guaranteed by their good command of about 20 languages. In the past many years, numerous overseas tourists who came to China for sightseeing, business have enjoyed the standard and considerate services of us.

The tour guides who are all well- trained and have received high education are capable of conducting tours in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Cantonese and Mandarin as well. Among them, two guides were named the “Xi’an Tourism Ambassador”.
CTS believes that a fine brand comes from our honest and credit. The company development bases on the service we provided. We keep the way as we always do to provide China travel service to the clients sincerely, patiently and closely.
After years’ development, it has established great reputation among foreign travelers who are interested in China. Because of its high-qualified service, it has also established close relationship with some international travel services and organizations all over the world.
Relevant services it offers
In order to meet the need of travelers’ various need and help them to enjoy the trip in China, CTS has tried its best to offer relevant services for the travelers.
Hotel services
It collects information of hotels with various stars in Xian, which can meet the needs of different people. The hotels it recommends are also best ones in Xian.
Car rental services
For travelers who want to go out in group or experience the beautiful scenery by themselves,CTS is able to offer vast resources of cars for them. The main types of cars it offers include Jinlong, Red Flag and others.
International exhibition services
For foreign business men who want to hold business activities in Xian, CTS can help them to go through the whole process. The all-round service it offers will include arrangement of the meeting places, ticket services and equipment rental services and so on.
Our Provide  How  Services ?
Our Customers

  Our customers come from all over the world. They are the best reference for !!!
It is the customers that make us different. We cannot appreciate more highly, their feedbacks and suggestions in helping us to continuously improve our services.

What past customers say about us?


    Tailor-made tour

China International Travel Service (xian)is offering you an interesting tour program that is characteristic of Chinese national culture. You will visit world-famous scenic spots, historical sites and magnificent ancient architectural complexes, and appreciate precious cultural relics. You will also have opportunities to enjoy Chinese operas and acrobatic shows, and taste authentic Chinese food and local delicacies. The traditional warmth and hospitality with which the Chinese people entertain their guests will make your visit a pleasant and memorable experience

How To Cooperation
we do business with travel agents and tour operators worldwide to whom we have commission policy at certain rates according to their member levels. We will secure the quality China tour service for your clients to satisfy them and support you as well.
Tour-Guide Center
• A team of tour guides proficient in many kind of languages
• Sightseeing in Beijing and long haul tours
• Provides guide service for group and FIT tours
• Arrangements of inspection tours and convention tours on request
• Hotel reservations as well as air, rail and boat ticketing
• Person in Charge: Email:postmaster@chinauniquetour.com.
Tour-Guide Center
• FIT Tours
• Hotel booking and ticketing
• Conventions and incentives tour and exhibitions
• Person in Charge: Email:postmaster@chinauniquetour.com.
Top View Holiday Travel Service Hotel Reservation Center .
• It offers reasonable price and preferential rates to travel agents and accepts bookings by phone and e-mail, or through the internet
Top View Holiday Travel Service Coach Company
• We have a Coach Company with many types of vehicles, and provides transportation service for tourists
All the prearranged Single-city Day Tours and Multi-cities tour packages above are private tours.
While taking our private tours, you, your friends or your family enjoy the exclusive use of a car or van with a personal local tour guide usually from 9:00am to 6:00pm for the tour you have booked. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport, the railway station or your hotel. We include the major attractions in our prearranged itinerary. If you have any special request in terms of the attractions, please tell us, we are able to have a tailor-made tour for you.
The hotel accommodation:
We have chosen for you the carefully recommended hotels in each itinerary which are classified into three categories: Deluxe ( 5 star otel ), Standard ( 4 star hotel ) and Budget ( 3 star hotel ). If you prefer a specific hotel, or you would like to reserve the hotels by yourself, please tell us in advance, we can customize the tour per your request. We do offer some tour packages without hotel bookings.
Meals on your trip:
Your breakfast is usually included in your hotel. So you will have daily breakfast at the hotel. We usually include all the lunches on your whole trip as mentioned in your itinerary. We offer Chinese lunches in most cases. Usually the tourist meals have a bad name. But we try our best to improve the quality of the lunch on the tour. All the lunches are not refundable. We often skip the dinners for you to have more flexibility. Most of the hotels offer very good buffet dinner or Chinese dinner. Or you may choose to have supper at the restaurants near the hotels. But sometimes we do offer dinner when you have booked our prearranged evening shows, like Peking Opera, Acrobatics, Kung Fu Show.
Local tour guide in China:
We can arrange different language speaking tour guide, such as English, French, Russian, German, Japan, Italy and so on. All of them graduated from college and have passed the touth national examination to be licensed as a guide.
How about the vehicle?
We use the air-conditioned and well-shaped vehicles. All the vehicles are licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning; Can carry standard luggage; Are always clean,tidy and odour-and damage-free; Are not refuelled during the transfer; Are parked within a distance of not more than 100 metres from the collection point.
1-2 traveling Party: we offer cars
3-8 traveling Party: we offer vans
8-10 travelling Party; we offer coach
How about the driver?
All the drivers have the official licenses with at least over 3 years' driving experience. All drivers select the most dynamic route, observe local traffic regulations; Are properly dressed; Are familiar with the region; Refrain from smoking,eating and drinking in the passengers presence.
Any tourist shops on the tours?
We do arrange one or two shops which are legal by the national travel organization on the tour per day. Chinese tourist shops have a very bad name on the internet. Actually the things are not so bad as it is. The shopping stops are nice places for you to relax and at the same time to make use of the short time to familiarize yourself with the local products. The shopping is not compulsory.(If you aren't willing to shop)
To whom should I complain if I have received very bad service?
You can complain to the manager of  Xi'an Bear Tower Brounch of CITS atEmail:inquire@chinauniquetour.com If you feel your case is very serious, you are suggested to complain to our local tourism bureau at Beijing Tourism Complaint.
How to reserve the tours?
1. Please use our
online booking or send your travel request via email to Email:postmaster@chinauniquetour.com. You are also welcome to call us at + 86 029 87238990 Phone after working hours: 0086 13488197185 or 13709240821 (24 hours).
2. Our real trip advisors will have contact you either by email or telephone. We offer one to one real person contac. When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email which includes the confirmed detailed itinerary with prices.
3. Way of Payment: cash payment, credit card payment or wire transfer. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable .FAQ


We are also looking for Foreign traveling wholesaler and retailor's coorperation and we gurantee you the best service with the economical prices.Any douts for our tour will be answered within 24hours.