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Wanlv Garden


Wanlv Garden lies in the eastern part of the Tianhai District of Haikou, at the middle part of the Binhai Road. The Garden occupies an area of 1070mu. Wanlv Garden gains the features of tropical seaside and ecological garden. It puts the azure sky, blue seawater, wildness, and modern building together. It focuses on tropical plants in Hainan, while there are tropical and sub-tropical plants from other parts of the country. All these reflect the scenery of the tropical zone, the specialty of the seaside and the characteristics of the international tourist city.
There are 16 tourist attractions and many places with scenic beauty in Wanlv Garden, and the scenes are various and the contents are rich. The 16 tourist attractions are the Front Gate Area, the Square, the Inside Lake Area, Children's Park, the Lawn Area, the Bamboo area, Tropical Plants Area, Golf Area, and so on.
Address: Binhai Road, Haikou
Tel: 8540185
Post Code: 570105

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