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Mt. Wuyishan  Nine Dragon Nest

Longchuan Gorge

Firstly, we come to the Wuyi Canyon which is a good place to drift along the water. The Wuyi Canyon is 14 kilometers (about 8.70 miles) long with a drop of 150 meters (about 492 feet) along its length. Tourists may drift on the water for 6 kilometers (about 3.73 miles). This stretch of water belongs to Tongmu Brook which is one of the sources of Nine Bends Brook that meanders between rocks and gorges. When drifting smoothly with the water's flow, you will appreciate the lush trees on spectacular mountains as well as the fish swimming in the brook. A refreshing cool breeze brushes past you as you feel the splash of water upon your face where the water rushes through the narrows between high cliffs. Altogether an exciting adventure in awe-inspiring surroundings!

The Nine Bend Stream

The Nine Bend Stream valley covers 8.5 sq km, with a total length of 9.5km. It takes two hours to tour the valley. The stream water is so clear that you can see the stones at the bottom. The clear stream forms a delightful contrast with the red mountains, with each bend having its own unique landscape. On both sides of the Nine Bend Stream stand grotesque rocks. Along the winding stream, there are both shoals and deep pools. Visitors may enjoy themselves in the Wuyishan Scenic Area by taking a boat tour, appreciating the mountains in the distance and visiting caves. Floating on a bamboo raft along the stream, you may raise your head to appreciate the towering mountains, and lower it to listen to the flowing water, and touch it with your hands.It is an exciting experience for tourists to cruise on a bamboo raft on the Nine Twists River with a length of 9 kilometers to enjoy the enchanting sight of exotic peaks and historical sites and relics along the bank while listening to the rafters of their beautiful legends and songs.

Attraction-The Nine Bend Creek Scenic Area River Cruise 
The Second Bend is where the bamboo raft cruises end. From here the rafts will be carried to Xingcun Village where they will begin the cruise once again. 
This area of 850 hectares provides the visitor with some of the most densely-packed and unique sights in the entire Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. The cruise, 7.5 kilometres long, takes about two hours, and each bend has its own scenic attractions.
First Bend: The section in front of Wuyi Palace and Qingchuan embraces Great King Peak, Manting Peak, Changing Bones Rock, Sangu Rock, Iron Board Curtain, Water Light Rock, the Greater and Lesser Guanyin Rocks and Doumou (Helmet) Peak.
Second Bend: Starting upstream from Yuxiang (Fragrance Bath) Pool at the foot of Yunu (Jade Girl) Peak, this section passes Mirror Terrace, Immortal's Name List Rock and Immortal's Hall Rock.

A cruise along Nine Bend Creek on a bamboo raft is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the sights of wuyi Mountain. 
Third Bend: The creek turns southward here at Leike Shoal, forming a bend. This section is known for sights such as Xiaocang Peak, Immortal's Tour Rock, Shengri (Rising Sun) Peak, and Travel Expense Rock. Looking upward, one can also see the coffins suspended high on the precipitous cliffs over 3,OOO years ago by the ancient people of the State of Yue.
Fourth Bend: Stretching between the Xiandiao (Immortal's Angling) Terrace and the Lesser Nine Bends, this spot offers a view of Dacang Peak, Immortal's Angling Terrace, Sleeping Dragon Pool,   
Ancient inscriptions can be found on the cliffs along Nine Bend Creek. Some of them record how officials supervised tea production for the royal court at the Imperial Tea 14:39:13Garden. 
Golden Rooster Cave, Inscription Rock, the Royal Tea Garden, Sword Testing Rock and the Lesser Nine Bends.
Fifth Bend: This bend lies between the Lesser Nine Bends and the Pinglin Ferry at Cloud Nest. Along the way one can see Yinping Peak, Jiesun Peak, the Wuyi Fairy's House, Cloud Nest and Tea Cave.
Sixth Bend: Flowing between Thundering Rock and Laoya (Crow) Shoal, this section passes Tianyou Peak, Cloth Drying Rock, Cangping (Green Screen) Peak and Thundering Rock. 
Seventh Bend: This part flows from Crow Shoal westward to Takong (Otter Controlling) Shoal near Baihua (Hundred Flower) Village. One can see Sanyang Peak, Sanceng Peak, North Corridor Rock, Tianhu (Heavenly Pot) Peak, Stony Pearl Rock and City Height Rock.
Eighth Bend: Located between the eastern and western ends of Furong (Hibiscus) Shoal, this section features UpperWater Lion Rock, the Upper and Lower Turtle Rocks, Elephant Trunk Rock, Camel Peak, Cat Rock, Frog Rock, Bull Pool and Human Face Rock.
Ninth Bend: This section runs in shallow water near Curtain Rock and Xingcun Town. Major scenic sights here include Qiyun Peak, Curtain Rock, White Cloud Rock, Twin Lions Playing with a Pearl Rock and Peacock-Displaying Rock.

The 9-bend stream,a meandering brook running through scenic mountain valleys, is about 9km long and has 9 bends along its course.
          It takes 1 & 3/4 hours to drift down the stream, starting from the 9th Bend, by means of a bamboo raft.
     Each raft consists of two smaller ones strapped together. Two pole-men, one in front and one at the rear, steer the raft with a long bamboo pole each. Each raft can accommodate six passengers.

The Wuyi Palace-King Peak Scenic Area

The Wuyi Palace-King Peak Scenic Area has an area of 3.5 sq km, including the following tourist attractions: Wuyi Palace, King Peak, Manting Peak, Sangu Rock, Three Purity Hall, Zhu Xi's Memorial Hall, Wanchun Garden and Song Dynasty Street.

The place in front of the Wuyi Palace and near the outlet of the Nine Bend Stream is where emperors used to offer sacrifices to Lord Wuyi. The Wuyi Palace is one of the six famous Taoist temples in China. Some ancient scholars, such as Xin Qiji, Lu You and Zhu Xi, once served as supervisors here.

The King Peak towers like a huge pillar supporting Heaven. The peak is surrounded by sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. There is only one path, from the south, leading to the top of the peak.

The Water Curtain Cave-Bishi Pock Scenic Area

Covering 17 sq km, the area embraces the following scenic spots: Water Curtain Cave, Eagle Beak Rock, Pavilions Hanging in The Air, Liuxiang Ravine, Green Lion Rock, Lotus Flower Peak and Bishi Rock. This ravine is just like a landscape corridor where everything is pure and fresh.

The Water Curtain Cave is the largest rock cavern in Wuyi Mountains, with a slanting top, like upturned eaves. Two streams run down from the top of the cave. Often, the flowing stream water is cut into numerous drops of water by the wind, now moving to the east, now to the west, now getting together, now scattering, and thus forming a moving water curtain.

Wuyishan Qinglong Waterfall,Qinglong Dapubu

The green dragon waterfall is rare in china. It is located on the west of the Grand Canyon ecology park in Mount Wuyi. The forests are luxuriant around the waterfall and it has extremely rich water source. The big waterfall flows swiftly and directly to the bottom of the canyon. The length is more than 200 meters; the fall is more than 120 meters. The widest area is 40 meters where it is just like a green dragon howling out from the canyon, within the hundred meters boundary the moisture is misty and finally encircles in the canyon. It collects into the Tung oil tree brook from right and left.

The Peach Blossom Cave-Three Yang Peak Scenic Area

Covering 5.5 sq km, this scenic area mainly consists of Peach Blossom Cave, Drum tower Rock, Kaiyuan Hall, Beilang Rock, Three Layer Peak, Three Yang Peak, and other scenic spots. With secluded ravines and mysterious caves, this scenic area is just like a fictitious land of peace, away from the turmoil of the world.

Also known as the Lesser Land of Peach Blossoms, the Peach Blossom Cave, which is surrounded by mountains on all four sides, is quiet, secluded and elegant, with green bamboo and peach or chards. Its scenery is just like that of the legendary Peach Blossom Land, hence the name. Through a small cave hidden among rocks, you enter a stone gateway to a wonderful land where you can see high mountains, a vast expanse of fields, neat cottages, peach orchards, stone pools, bamboo groves and gurgling springs.

Three Yang Peak is the highest part of the Wuyishan Scenic Area, with an elevation of 717.7m. All three peaks face the east. The tallest is called Greater Yang Peak; the second, Middle Yang Peak; and the lowest, Lesser Yang Peak. The three peaks are just like three huge rocks penetrating the clouds, or three flags fluttering in the wind, or three steeds galloping in the air.

The Cloud Nest-Tianyou Scenic Area

With an area of four sq km, this scenic area includes Tianyou Peak; Tea Cave, Yuhua Peak, Cloud Nest, Snowflake Spring, Immortal Bathing Pond, Huma Ravine and Yilan Pavilion. The towering peaks are of ten enshrouded in clouds and mist. From the summits of the peaks there is a grand panorama of the Nine Bend Stream. Lying at the foot of Jiesun Peak, Cloud Nest is surrounded by some famous rocks, such as Whistling Rock and Red Stove Rock, and faces a stream. It is the most beautiful spot in the Wuyishan Scenic Area. There are a dozen or so caves in the area. In the mornings and evenings in spring and autumn, clouds and mist often come out of the caves, now moving among the peaks, now gathering together, and now scattering. Hence the name Cloud Nest.

Tianyou Peak is located in the center of the Wuyishan Scenic Area. It is much taller than the other peaks. From the summit you can see an array of green peaks and the Nine Bend Stream winding among the mountains.

The Heaven Hearts-Tianyou Scenic Area

With an area of 4.5 sq km, this scenic spot includes Nine Dragon Cave, Red Robe Tea Tree and Tianxin Yongle Buddhist Temple. It is a place sacred to Buddhism.

The Red Robe Tea Tree, known as the "King of Tea Trees", stands at the foot of Nine Dragon Rock, There is water dripping down all the year round from a long and narrow crack in the rocks on both sides of the tree. The adequate sunshine and small temperature changes year round enable the tree to produce high quality tea with a unique flavor.

The One Line Sky-Huxiao Rock Scenic Area

Covering 17 sq. km, the One Line Sky-Huxiao Rock Scenic Area includes the following scenic spots: One Line Sky, Sanji Peak, Lounge Rock, Lingxiao Peak, Sancai Peak and Huxiao Rock. Huxiao Rock rises straight from the ground, imposing and powerful. In the middle of the rock there is a huge cave. When the wind blows through it, it makes a sound like a tiger roaring. From the summit there is a panorama of a forest of peaks and floating white clouds. It is one of the major scenic spots of Wuyishan City. A tow erring crag cuts across the mountain valley. There is a crack in middle of the crag, as if it had been cut by an ax. Looking through the crack, you will only see a thin line of sky. Hence the name One Line Sky. It is the longest, narrowest, and highest view of the sky in China.    

Huxiao Rock rises straight from the ground, imposing and powerful. In the middle of the rock there is a huge cave. When the wind blows through it, it makes a sound like a tiger roaring. From the summit there is a panorama of a forest of peaks and floating white clouds. It is one of the major scenic spots of Wuyishan City.

A tow erring crag cuts across the mountain valley. There is a crack in middle of the crag, as if it had been cut by an ax. Looking through the crack, you will only see a thin line of sky. Hence the name One Line Sky. It is the longest, narrowest, and highest view of the sky in China.

Only by coming to the Mount Wuyi Scenic Area, can you see the serene beauty. Its vast green waves of row upon row of verdant mountains attract a constant stream of visitors both from home and abroad.

The Jiuqu Stream (Nine Bends Brook) Drift: RMB 100 Over 30 attractions can be admired along the drifting route. 
Qinglong Waterfall: RMB 40   
Longchuan Great Gorge: RMB 40   
Nature Reserve: RMB 80 Including the Natural Museum, Snake Garden, Mt. Huanggang...
Tongmu Brook Drift: RMB 100 Located near the Qinglong Waterfall Scenic Area
Minjiang Yuan Drift: RMB 98 Located at the bridgehead of the Tourist Holiday Zone
Ancient Xiamei Folk Buildings: RMB 26   
Site of the Ancient Han City: RMB 80

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