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Yalong Bay National Resort

Yalong Bay National Resort is Sanya's premier destination for fun in the sun, providing visitors with an irresistible combination of a world-class beach, remarkable swimming and diving, international resorts and superb golf facilities in one extraordinary package.

Situated about 25 km east of Sanya City along a first-rate expressway, Yalong Bay centers on a crescent-shaped beach of about 7,000 m. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost eight m, making it ideal for divers attracted to the nearby coral reef.


Yalong Bay is situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii of the tropical monsoon area. It enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, with no distinct seasons and long stretches of warm spells. The average temperature year-round is 25.5 C and the average hours of daily sunshine year-round is 7.1 hours. The annual amount of rainfall is 1,063 mm. With water temperature averaging 25.1 C and never dipping below 22 C.
With the finest facilities and ambience, the main beach resort are sprayed out around Yalong Bay ,which will offer you the great vacation experience. Those who prefer lounging by the pool to swimming in the sea will find pools of every size in the international resorts overlooking the beach.


You may visit the Yalong Bay Central Square , Butter-fly park , Sea Shell Museum ,and it offers a great variety of facilities including tennis course , golf course , underwater world activities etc. Golfers will find the 36-hole Yalong Bay Golf Club up to world standards. In addition to water sports and golf, look for tennis, rock climbing and hiking among a wide selection of activities and attractions. Yalong Bay National Resort simply should not be missed.