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Xinyang Maojian

Henan's Xinyang prefecture has been famous for its Maojian tea since the Tang dynasty. Today it is one of the country's most thriving areas of agricultural and sideline production, quite often visited and written about, so its tea is being sampled by more people.

Though Xinyang is on the edge of the arid North China plain, the mountainous southern and western parts, crisscrossed by streams and brooks, have plenty of the clouds and mist needed for good tea. The processed leaves are in fire, taut strips. They yield a beverage with a chestnut flavor and a long-lasting aftertaste. This tea has been produced with only very simple equipment. What makes it different are the skillful hand movements of rolling, adjusted to the heat and softness or dryness of the tender leaves.

Not much is exported, but the tea can be bought locally and in Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in the province, and in large cities like Beijing, Wuhan, and Tianjin.

it contain rich green tea catechin,and it made by tender leaves growing fine hair in initial pick period per annum about in the second month of spring for lunar calendar,high fragrance,high quality.