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Duyun Maojian Tea

Duyun Maojian, also known as "fish hook" tea, "tea bud," produced in Duyun City of Guizhou Province, as "green tea with yellow Chinese liquor color green through yellow and leaf green 026 yellow "," three green yellow "known characteristics. Quality Youjia, with the shape and Taihu Lake Biluochun mention to the same quality of Xinyang Maojian comparable. In June 1982, the country was carried from green tea, the country's second-ranked. Duyun City of Guizhou Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, the capital of Guizhou Province in the south, the urban East island, west of Yongsan. Duyun Maojian mostly in Mission Hill, the Huangshan whistle feet along the trough. Four Seasons here pleasant climate, the average temperature of 16 degrees, the average annual rainfall over 1,400 mm. Moreover, the soil is deep, and loosen the soil moist soil is acidic or slightly acidic, with a lot of iron and phosphate. These special natural conditions not suitable for the growth of tea, but also formed a Duyun Maojian unique style. As early as the Ming Dynasty, Duyun-made "fish hook" tea, "tea bud" as a "tribute tea." 18 end of the century, Duyun Maojian export sales abroad, in Panama in 1915 was winning international competitions. Duyun Maojian "clean" within a few days before and after the newly sprouted leaves leaf or two to start the leaves, request leaves small short thin, light green uniform homogeneous. Duyun tea fixing at high temperatures, low-rub, rubbing Incorporated cents, in a timely manner for drying processes such as four elaborately produced. Tippy finished picking taper, was strip-shaped, uses special, color Vivid Green, Run-quality show, aroma-tender, mellow taste, the sweet aftertaste.