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                         Yalong Bay (Yalongwan Gulf)

Yalongwan in Sanya City, 28 kilometers southeast, the southernmost Hainan is a Banruxing Gulf, approximately 7.5 km, is one of the King of Hainan. Yalong Bay beach and gentle stretching seven kilometers wide, shallow area width of 50-60 metres. Valuables white sand, clear water Cheng Ying, and the visibility was 7-9 metres. Underwater World is rich in resources, coral reefs, all kinds of tropical fish, shellfish and other luxury. The average annual temperature of 25.5 C, 22-25.1 C water temperature, can swim year round, as the "number one in the world Bay."

       Don't come here if you have been to Hawaii. The water is clear, the view is great...yet nothing is cheap here. There will be a lot of people coming from mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Japan during holidays. Sea food here is great, but it is recommended that you visit some night market. There is one rule in Hainan, do not follow your tour guide or driver..

Located 25 kilometers east of Sanya city, the beach, which extends for 7 km along the blue seawater, with green palm trees and hills behind, is regarded as the best beach in Hainan province. People can get there by taking a taxi from the center of the town.

Enjoying the same latitude and similar weather conditions as Hawaii, the beach in recent year is of more and more attraction. The water is clear, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds in it. Playing and pursuiting in the water with the tropical fish swimming around, simmers can fully relax themselves. Now, a new resort, with tasteful manner, is under construction. In order to protect the marine resource and environment, commercial fishing is forbidden here.

There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels, including, Gloria Resort and Cactus Resort, the best hotels in Hainan Island, providing the necessary service for you. And a museum, with a large collection of seashells, is near the beach. After playing in the sea, you can also have a mountain climbing, golf playing, hiking, and submarine cruises here.

A nice trip from the bay is to Wild Boar Island: You can go to the island by taking a boat from the bay. Since prices for this vary, so be attention to ask around at your hotel or in the restaurants on the bay









Because of the unbeatable environment, Yalong Bay Resort was authorized by the State Council in 1992. The unique state-level tourist resort is characterized by its tropical ambiance - the resort holds seaside parks, deluxe villas, conference centers, top-end hotels, golf-courses and so on. In recent years, with the perfection of facilities, thousands of travelers are attracted by its unique charm to swarm to this ideal place for vacation. And it is the first choice for people who conduct conferences and matches, including the New Silk Road Model Look China representing the top level model contests in China.

In the centre of Yalong Bay square stands a Totem Pole of 27 meters (about 88.6 feet), on which the God of Sun, and Gods of Wind, Rain, and Thunder as well as those legendary animals such as Dragon, Phoenix, Kylin and Fish are engraved. The design of this square embodies the Chinese civilization of 5,000 years and has received recognition in winning the Luban Prize - awarded to the top level design of architecture in China.

With an area of 3,000 square meters (about 3,558 square yards), Shell Hall of Yalong Bay is located in the central square of the resort. And with the shell as its theme, the Shell Hall is a comprehensive exhibition hall combining exhibition and shopping. When traveling through the hall, visitors will be surrounded by natural wonders dazzling each of the senses.

In the north of Yalong Bay is the site of Butterfly Valley, which is classified into five halls that present the most precious species of butterflies in China and other countries as well.

Transportation: Train/Bus from Haikou, air from  Shanghai

Tips: Be sure to sample the unique seafood and don't miss specialities like the crystal and pearl ornaments. For an easier time getting to Yalong Bay, take a taxi when you arrive in Sanya. The taxi fee is CNY 50.In the resort, there are hotels, such as Gloria Resort Sanya and Horizon Resort and Spa

Admission Fee: CNY 30 Center Square
CNY 38 Shells Museum
CNY 18 Butterfly Valley