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Sand Lake Scenic Resort (Sha Hu)

In a northwestern area of China stands Helan Mountain , located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. At the foot of the mountain lies a vast desert while next to the desert a blue green lake ripples. The lake area is known as Sand Lake (Sha Hu) Scenic Resort and is a miracle of sand, water, reeds, lotus flowers, birds and mountains.

The Sand Lake Scenic Resort, located in Pingluo County which is near to Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, covers an area of 80.10 square kilometers (about 19,793 acres) including a water area of 45 square kilometers (about 11,120 acres) and a desert area of 22.52 square kilometers (about 5,565 acres). It was awarded the first National Group of 4A Tourism Scenic Areas in 2001.

In possession of nearly 10,000mu water areas, 5,000mu sandbanks, 2,000mu bulrush, 1,000mu lotus root ponds, Shahu Lake district is abundant in fishes and fowls. Here inhabits a dozen of rare birds, such as white cranes, black cranes, swans and so on. You can have an overlook of birds' sporting from the Sight-seeing Tower. Numerous birds' nests are nidificated in the bulrush bush, especially at the root of the bulrush. Every spring, birds' eggs of all colors intersperse in the bulrush bush, forming a marvelous spectacle.

Besides various breeds of birds, Shahu Lake district boasts for its fishes. In the aquarium on the south bank of Shahu Lake, you will see several dozens of rare fishes, including Wuchang fish, rare-seen in the north part of China, giant salamanders and giant turtle, measuring 1meter around the body.

Finally we come to the lake itself. The water in the lake is so rich in its blue-green colour that it could almost be mistaken for the ocean and makes the lake look like a resplendent pearl nestled in the Ningxia Plain. There are many kinds of fish in the lake if visitors wish to take part in fishing. However, there is one precious species of fish called giant salamander which is protected and therefore lives in the aquarium located on the south bank of the lake which one can visit.

Helan Mountain raises high above the lake. Due to the difference in temperatures at the top and bottom of the mountain, rain can easily freeze into snow at the top of the mountain and pile up layer upon layer, causing 'Helan Bright Snow' which was listed as one of the Eight Scenes in ancient Ningxia.

Sand Lake Scenic Resort offers many other pursuits for the more active tourists, such as parachuting on water, motorcycling on water, surfing and the most exciting of all - sand sliding on the ropeway.

Admission Fee: CNY 80