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                        Zigong Dinosaur Museum 
The Zigong Dinosaur Museum is located in Dashanpu at Zigong City, on the banks of a river that flows through the western-China province of Sichuan. It is China's first museum located at the actual burial site of dinosaurs and it covers 25,000 square meters.

'Sichuan's dinosaurs are numerous and one finds a veritable nest of them at Zigong.' Zigong is a famous city for salt production, but it is also an important dinosaur fossil region in China. As a famous saying goes, one finds a veritable nest of dinosaurs at Zigong. There are more than forty locations within the city at which dinosaur fossils from different eras have been found. A very considerable amount of fossilized dinosaurs has been excavated here and other vertebrate fossils have been found as well at the same sites.

The concentration of buried fossil remains at Zigong is greatest at Dashanpu. A great quantity and diversity of types is found here, including specimens that are quite rare and relatively well preserved. This place is eleven kilometers to the northeast of Zigong City. It was discovered in 1972. The fossils are in a sandy layer of the Meso-Jurassic period, from around 160,000,000 years ago. In an area of around 3,000 square meters, more than 100 individual dinosaurs have been excavated, among which some thirty are complete or relatively complete dinosaur skeletons. Especially valuable is a group of dinosaur skulls. At present, only around twenty percent of excavated dinosaurs in the world belong to the Jurassic period, and most of these are from the late Jurassic, lacking the early and middle stages that show how dinosaurs evolved. At Zigong, especially at Dashanpu, the fossils come mostly from the early and middle periods, so that this provides extremely valuable material.

Competing shoulder to shoulder with other famous dinosaur museums like American national and Canadian Dinosaur Parks, the museum in Zigong enjoys excellent reputation. Dinosaur Museum in Zigong opened in 1987. The museum holds a number of buildings, a green belt and large halls.

To add more to the experience, Dinosaur Museum in Zigong is shaped like a cave. The interior of this cave shaped building exhibits dinosaur fossils, flora and fauna that existed during those times and skeletons of this giant beasts. A walk through the galleries of this museum would surely evoke an uncanny feeling.

The exhibition hall that maintains the original state of excavating site of dinosaur fossils in Dashapu, Zigong. The exhibition hall of dinosaur fossils in Zigong.

The newly built Zigong Dinosaur Museum mostly exhibits fossils of dinosaurs that have been excavated from the immediate site. The exhibition is divided into three parts:

Part 1 introduces general knowledge about fossils, botanical evolution, geologic periods, the evolution of dinosaurs and species extinctions.

Part 2 introduces the group of dinosaurs from Dashanpu. In a large space, viewers can see dinosaurs that stand 10 meters high and are 20 meters long, as well as tiny dinosaurs.

Part 3 is the actual site of dinosaur burials, in an exhibition area of 1000 square meters. This has dinosaur bones in their original setting. Observers can look down from a railing above, but can also go down into an underground room and touch the fossils of ancient life, see the circumstances of the layers and the ores, understand the wonders and marvels of the creations of nature

Started to build in April, 1984, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was opened to the public in the Spring Festival of 1987. For its wide-distributed reputation both in China and in the world, until now, Zigong Dinosaur Museum has accepted visitors approximately 7 million person times and acquired great reputation. Tens of leaders of China, such as, Hu Jintao, Qiao Shi, Zhang Aiping, Wan Li, Li Tieying and He nuli, as well as many experts and celebrities have visited the museum. Especially, in May 12, 2003, the Central Secretary-general and President of China, Mr. Hu Jintao visited this museum and showed his confirmation for the great success achieved by the museum.

Since 1989, Zigong dinosaurs have traveled around the world. They were displayed in 23 cities of many countries and regions, 14 times in total. These places include Japan, Thailand, Denmark, United States, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Hong Kong. The exhibitions abroad have attracted over 10 million person times. Meanwhile, Zigong dinosaurs have been displayed in more than 30 cities in China, as in Shanghai, Zhuhai, Beijing, Fuzhou and Shenzhen.

It has been entitled as one of the Forty Top Tourist Attractions in China, one of the first batch of National Geoparks, National AAAA Tourist Attraction, National Popular Science Educational Base for Teenagers, Advanced Unit of Cultural Work, one of the National Top Ten Exhibitions, Key Point Museum of Sichuan Province as well as one of the most Representative 30 China Architectures. It has also acquired the authentication of ISO International Environment Management System.

Tips: The two-star Tanmu Lin Hotel with its ancient style and the three-star San Wan Hotel in the center of Zigong City are convenient. Trains connect Zigong City with Chengdu or Chongqing via Neijiang. Souvenir specialties include Zhu Si Tuan Shan (bamboo fans) and Zigong paper-cuts.

Admission Fee: CNY 42
CNY 22 for children less than 18 years old
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30 (Stop selling ticket at 17:00)
Guide Service: The museum provides guide service, charging CNY 150 every time (CNY180 in holidays).
How to Get There: Get to Zigong City first. City bus 15 and 35 run to the museum directly.         

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