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Jinmao Tower

Jinmao Tower / Shanghai

The Jin Mao Tower (Golden Prosperity Building) is the tallest skyscraper in China at the moment, and the 5th taller in the world regarding the roof's height. It is an 88-story building (8 is the number of good luck and wealth in China). It is located in the core of the financial district of Shanghai, near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Being the third tallest building of the world and the tallest building in China, Jin Mao Tower is located in the center of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Districts in Pudong. Jin Mao Tower can be conveniently accessed from either Puxi (the area west of the Hungpu River) by taking the tunnel (travel time is about two minutes) or the Hongqiao and Pudong International Airports (travel time is about 30 minutes) by car.

The 88-stories Jin Mao Tower was completed in 1999. It is 420.5 meters (almost 1380 feet) tall and covers an area of 2.3 hectares (5.68 acres). The architect, Adrian D. Smith, of this skyscraper ingeniously combined the elements of traditional Chinese culture with the newest architectural styles of the time, which makes Jin Mao Tower one of the best-constructed buildings in China.

This building includes modern offices, a deluxe 5-star hotel - the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, exhibition halls, banquet halls, an observation deck, and entertainment facilities which is situated in the following levels: the 1st and 2nd floors form an imposing and bright lobby of the business area; the 3rd to the 50th floors are occupied by office spaces; the 51st and 52nd floors are the mechanical and electrical facilities center, which are restricted for the tower's working staff; the 53rd to 87th floors are reserved for the deluxe Grand Hyatt Hotel of which, the 86th floor houses a club exclusive for the hotel guests and the 87th floor lodges the hotel restaurant; and, the 88th floor-the highest floor, is reserved for the tower's observation deck, which can hold 1000 people at any one time.

The tower has the best elevators available. Two direct elevators operate at the speed of 9.1 meters (nearly 30 feet) per second that can send visitors from the ground floor to the 88th floor for only 45 seconds. There are also five to six elevators every 10 floors, which reduce waiting-time to 35 seconds even during rush hours.

The tower has an annex building 6-stories high which houses the exhibition halls, conference rooms, multi-function halls, grand banquet halls and a recreational center.

The basement of the tower is a parking area 3 stories deep, which can hold 800 cars and 2000 bicycles. The parking area is equipped with 360-degree surveillance cameras as a security feature of the building

The Jin Mao Tower will soon be overtalled by the now under construction Shanghai World Financial Tower. This 101-story tower will be over 490 meters tall. It is scheduled for mid-2008.

Shanghai Pudong New Development Area

In the 1980's Pudong was agricultural land on the other side of the Huangpu river from the historic city of Shanghai. The fields of Pudong have been planted with skyscraper seeds and they have sprouted up all over. The China's building boom began and Shanghai's Pudong New Development Area is China's answer to Hong Kong. Many foreign banks and insurance companies have opened Shanghai offices in Pudong.
The planning in the Pudong New Development Area has been good, and it is blessed with wide boulevards, bicycle lanes, subways, tunnels under the river and a fast train out to the new Shanghai Pudong International Airport. 

Its modernism is in stark contrast to The Bund's row of European architecture and the old city's many classic buildings. But it is interesting, like New Delhi and Old Delhi in India. You can see modern China in Pudong, while you can still find Hutong (alleyway) culture in places on the other side of the Huangpu river.
There are some beautiful new five-star hotels in Pudong. The Grand Hyatt in Pudong's tallest building, the Jinmao, has spectacular views and a five star ambience with high ceilings and a multi-story atrium that goes up through the core of the hotel like something out of Star Trek. Other luxury hotels include the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong, Holiday Inn Pudong Shanghai and the Shanghai New Asia Tomson Hotel.

Admission Fee: CNY 50 for the observation deck
Opening Hours: 8:30 to 21:00

Subway No.2

Recommended Time for a Visit: Half an hour



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