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Shanghai Nightlife

Nightlife is an important part of Shanghai culture. As China's business center, with the most expatriates and foreigners, Shanghai's bar scene is quite different from Beijing's bar-star vibe.
The nightlife is more sophisticated and multi-cultural.

The beautiful Bund, dazzling department stores on Nanjinglu, Huaihailu and Xujiahui streets and intimate bars along old and new bar strips make for a unique night out.

The landscape at night has to be seen and the Bund is a must. Ornate The classical and modern buildings take on a new and exciting to see how they are illuminated by an abundance of colored lights. Looking across the Huangpu River to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower is a magical sight. A night-time Huangpu River Cruises presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the nightlife on the Bund. 30 oder Boote zu bringen Touristen; Diese Boote sind luxuriös, old Dragon Boat Ming und Qing-Stile, Boote Shikumen style of old Shanghai, Pirate Ship usw.. Das Boot ist fare CNY 68. Any type of boat you take, in order to be seen here at night will be safe to live in your memory for years to come.

Leaving aside the scenery, zu Fuß entlang der West Nanjing Road East, which quickly reach the famous
Nanjing Road pedestrian street, the shops are a happily lighting thrilling backdrop to the joyful crowds who come here at night to enjoy the atmosphere carefree, where it is possible to Pick up a negotiation or enjoy a tasty Morsel to eat.

In Shanghai, there are three major shopping districts for night-shoppers. Let's check them out.

*Nanjinglu bustling shopping street

The first business street in Shanghai, the well-known Shiliyangchang developed in the early 20th century selling imported goods. Nanjinglu has long been China's best and busiest shopping street running from the Bund in the east to Jingan Temple in the west. The pedestrian section connecting the Bund to the People's Square is where Shanghai locals like to go shopping.

Don't miss the four 19th century department stores - Shanghai No.1 Department Store, formerly Daxin; Huanlian Shopping Mall, formerly Yongan; Shanghai Fashion Company, formerly Xianshi, and the No.1 Food Store, formerly Xinxin.

As well as these large department stores, there are small specialist shops like Laofengxiang Gold shop, Laojiefu Silk shop, Wuliangcai Glasses shop, and Guociqi national porcelain shop as well as plenty of restaurants.

Prices of many products are negotiable despite their price tags and tired shoppers can ride the mini-sightseeing car circling the pedestrian street for RMB 2.

*Sophisticated Huaihailu Street

Huaihailu is as famous as Nanjinglu for its shopping. Nanjinglu maybe the symbol of Shanghai shopping but Huaihailu is more tasteful, stylish and fashionable.

Even window shopping and strolling along Huaihailu is a pleasure. All the stores are stylishly decorated and shoppers are greeted by well-mannered, fashionably dressed young staff.

Huaihailu has 400 stores, and the most prosperous part is the 2.2 km street between Shaanxilu and Xizanglu where the Pacific Department Store, Huaihai shop and Shanghai Times Plaza are located. Famous stores include Parkson, Printemps, Yongxin Mansion and Huating Isetan, selling top-class brands at sky-high prices. There are also some specialty shops, such as Women's Stuff Shop, Gujin Bra Shop, and Quanguo Tutechan selling products from all over China.

*Rising Xujiahui

Xujiahui's charm lies in its mix of stores. Dongfang Shangsha (Oriental Mansion), Pacific Department Store, and Huijin Department Store offer top-class brands, Liumai mainly sells averagely priced brands, and Huilian Mansion sells cheaper products with weekend specials.

There are also plenty of trendy restaurants for hungry shoppers at Xujiahui. On the ground floor of Ganghui Square, there is a European style outdoor cafe strip selling fashionable food. Opposite is the Hongji Leisure Plaza selling everything from mutton shashlik (a kind of kebab) to Brazilian barbecues, homemade dishes and delicacies of every kind. The cafe street on Tianyaoqiaolu specializes in household dishes.

Xujiahui also features a Catholic church, an astronomical observatory and Shanghai's earliest library.

Shanghai Metro Line 1 links the three main business areas: Nanjing Road, Huanhai Road and Xujiahui. One thing that is most convenient for those who like their shopping Expeditionen! Most Stores will close at 10 pm, but that is when the houses and tea bar really come into its own and the night is still young!

Tea houses 24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet. Apart from a lone Genießen flavor of tea, können Sie fordert several friends and play cards or simply Katze. Once you are here, you can experience all this for yourself. Fashion shows are young people with favorites. When night falls, Shanghai badet in the light of various entertainment gekommen. Disco, Karaoke, Discos, Bars und Cafés sind alle gängigen Nacht gekommen.

Xin Tian Di Shanghai hat viele Besucher. If you are visiting Shanghai for the first time, it is much Safer to go Xin Tian Di for the night life. Xin Tian Di, the most fashionable area in the cultivated unterscheidende Shikumen Gebäude, die architektonische Stile of both east and west from the 1920s and 1930s around Shanghai Huangpi South Road and Xingye Road, has become popular in the place to go. Jedes Gebäude verfügt über modern interior and has become an international gallery, fashion, Restaurants, Café oder Bar. Bar where young people are White Collar discuss their work or talk about life, even the difficult Fragen are resolved on the table here! Outdoor bar are very popular here too. Xin Tian Di offers the most positive and recognition. The arrival of more and more Boutiquen, Designer-Shops und Markisen Luxus rising for the enjoyment of Xin Tian Di.
ARK Live House is a restaurant of music and music bar
Adresse: Nr. 15, Block nördlich von Xin Tian Di, Nr. 181, Taicang Road, Shanghai
Freitag ice is a coffee bar, in der Unit 1, Nr. 22, Block nördlich von Xin Tian Di, Nr. 181, Taicang Road, Shanghai

Shanghai opened the first bar on Hengshan Road, remains and more popular than those in other countries. Near Xujiahui Commercial Circle, Hengshan Road befindet sich in einer komfortablen Situation. Hier gibt es Bars in großen Zahlen, side by side and where you can have tea or coffee. Eine breite Auswahl an Bars ranging from brash to the most intimate and quiet abound auf Ihre jede Stimmung. Therefore, Hengshan Road at night can be one of the most lively in Shanghai.

Just like in other cities, bars are a big part of Shanghai's nightlife. But Shanghai's bar scene has its own characteristics: a lot of foreigners of all races get together to listen to famous resident bands. Here are some of Shanghai's hot bar strips.

*Hengshanlu street: a classic bar strip

Next to the boisterous and colorful Huaihailu and Xujiahui, Hengshanlu is Shanghai's classic quieter bar strip.

Situated next to the embassy area, Hengshanlu is a hybrid of exotic extravagance and local down market joints. Lush phoenix trees lining the street and Western-style buildings give the feeling of being in a foreign country.

Sasha's is a typically extravagant bar on Hengshanlu located in a building that used to be the mansion of former Kuomingtang president Jiang Kaishi. After redecoration, it became a symbol of aristocracy. Sasha's has three floors, featuring a quiet cafe bar, a French restaurant, and a nightclub. The menu is only in English and the waiters don't speak Chinese.

Other popular bars are the Mexican Zapata's which has weekly dance parties; Hongfan, a popular club among young professionals and university students ( cover charge RMB 50); the simply decorated jazz bar; Hot Chocolate, and Canglongge or hiding dragon house - the only Chinese bar.

*Maoming Nanlu: Shanghai's "Sanlitun"

Much like Beijing's famous Sanlitun bar strip, Maoming Nanlu is unpretentious and simply offers patrons a good time.

Judystoo bar has been around a long time and still attracts a lot of bar-hoppers. The shining star on this street is Babyface, filled with Shanghai's beautiful people. Babyface is a lounge bar similar to trendy New York bars.

*Xintiandi: night market and best outdoor bar area

Reconstructed from the old Shikumen (a gate with a column stone door frame and wooden doors) area, Xintiandi exudes the flavor of old Shanghai.

Famous nightspots on Xintiandi include Shanghai Dongmei Canyin Yule Zhongxin (Dongmei Food and Entertainment Center), a meeting place for stars and their fans; Colored Glaze Restaurant owned by Taiwanese film star Yang Huishan with a colorful crystal palace dining room; a French restaurant featuring Parisian cabaret and an underground cellar dining room; a Japanese music restaurant playing hot rock music every night; and a South American flavor Brazilian barbeque restaurant.

There are also many fashionable stores closely following the international trends in the area. But watch your wallet because Xintiandi is famous for its high prices.

*Jululu: a chilled out bar strip

If you want to completely unwind in a friendly atmosphere, try Jululu St. Famous bars include Manhattan bar, the last to close at night, the Japanese style For You Bar, and Goodfellas Bar.

*Duolunlu: reminiscence in a cultural atmosphere

Duolunlu Street is a comparatively quiet bar strip. Pebble tracks and old buildings are reminiscent of Shanghai's past splendors. Famous bars include the film-themed coffee bar Old Film Cafe; the 1920 Cafe which has porcelain ware displays, and Nuosang JiaKang, a Tibetan style teahouse.

*Fuxing Park: iron triangle

There are three nightspots in Fuxing Park. Park 97 is a favorite among Shanghai's experienced nightlife animals. Guandi is frequented by Hong kong stars. Partclub, a nationwide karaoke chain, is just a five-minute-walk away, and is a fun place to unwind after shopping.

Fuxing Park, located at No 2, Haolan Road, Shanghai, is the only German well-preserved Park in China, so auch people call it "Garden of Germany". Insgesamt gibt es drei Vereine finden Sie hier. They are Park97, guandi and cash.

Among them, where is Park97 veterans spend their Nächte durch. Three popular Essen und Unterhaltung Gründe, Baci Italian Cuisine Restaurant, Restaurant Tokyo Joe mit seinem japanischen Küche und California Club of Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong Park97 besteht. Compared with that of Xin Tian Di, the nightlife showy is not here, but it exudes zeitlosem Charme. Mit Eleganz, exoticism, Senior wine and music, Park97 hat seine speziellen Charme. Guandi, der Verein noted the majority of here, is the first Senior Club opened its doors in China nach dem Taipei. Cash Box (Qian GUI) als der ältesten in Shanghai, the most renowned KTV has the largest scale. Des Büros in Fuxing Park is the best of all in Shanghai.

One highlight of the night life in
Shanghai Acrobatic Show ist Portman, who will surely take a memorable experience.
 BARS&LOUNGES of Shanghai: Cara, Building 4, Ruijin Guest House Gardens, 118 Ruijin He Lu, is one of the most beautiful buildings and bars in Shanghai - a dark mansion 1930 panels filled with pan-Asiatic cosmopolitan Artifacts and a flock of drinking. Sexy bar, 6 / F, No. 5 The Bund, Shanghai is the most sophisticated cocktail lounge with an atmosphere differs from the year 1930. Kabba, Lane 181, Taicang Lu, is a large terrace Lookout to see the crowd elegantly into the street Xintiandi. Mesa / Manifesto, 748 Julu Lu (near Fumin Mo), is a smart and stylish bar in Leafy part of the French Concession, while Windows display, 3 / F, 681 Huaihai Mon (by Sinan Lu) is the more sociable and lively RMB10 of drinking dive bar.

Clubs: Win Wynn, Room 506, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Shaanxi Mon) is an elegant all-white and club lounge and a hot spot for clubbing. California Club / Park 97, 2 Gaol Mon, fuxing Park, is part of the Shanghai Lan Kwai Fong strips imported from Hong Kong and sold in the cosmopolitan sophistication. Next door, Guandii specialist offers trance and drum and bass nights and is very popular with the local money set. Mint, 2 / F, 333 Tongeren Mon, Beijing Xi Lu, is still the hottest place to party expatriates Upward moving and twenty-somethings looking for European club music and always year-rocking dance floor.

Live Music: Live bands are regular features of the Shanghai bar and club scene. The Cotton Club, 1428 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near fuxing Mon), offers nightly jazz and blues. House of Blues and Jazz, 158 Maoming Lu (near fuxing Zhong Lu) is also popular, especially on weekends. Chinese to live the rock and contemporary music, visit the excellent new four-storey bar and Tang Hui arrived, 85 Huating Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu)

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Shanghai massage parlors target Japanese expatriates
After midnight at a building in central Shanghai that is a shopping mall by day, a Japanese-language poster in the elevator invites men up to Big West Ocean club on the seventh floor.

Upon entering the club, a string of saunas with tropical garden decor and corridors lined with private rooms, the receptionist suggests a full-body massage for 680 yuan (about $85), more than 10 times the going price of foot massages and cosmetic services.

 Shanghai nightlife and bars takes many forms. Shanghai is one of the best destinations in China China's nightlife and, as such, there is a wide variety of night in Shanghai. Although Shanghai is not responsible for the nightlife at the same level as Bangkok, custom which means you will not be able to find someone somewhere and hang out. Shanghai clubs, discos and Shanghai Shanghai are just entertainment, depending on how big is your wallet.

There is much about the gay nightlife of Shanghai, if you want to talk about this man with the hotel and the bell is going to handle this with the taxi driver to take him right to Shanghai nightclub, do not be shy.

Shanghai is a very lively night life in the major international hotels. If you like just as single as walking down Nanjing Road in Shanghai after 9 pm and listen to Mrs Whisperers.

You can get a lot of fun or maybe not, it's a question of money in China as elsewhere, money and nothing else.

Much of Shanghai girls are so beautiful mind and that is very materialistic. There are a number of bar girls and sex, but they generally good, so what?

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