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Mt. Tianzhu

    Mt. Tianzhu (heavenly pillar), named after its main peak Qingtianyizhu (literally a giant mono-pillar propping up the sky), is situated in the west of Qianshan County. It has other names from the ancient times as Mt. Wan (Mountain of Wan Kingdom), Mt. Wan’gong (Mountain of the Duke of Wan Kingdom). It was granted about 2100 years ago the title of “the Grand Southern Mountain” by Emperor Hanwudi in the Han Dynasty and acclaimed as “the No. one mountain in Jianghuai (a region between Huaihe and Yangtze Rivers)”. The scenery here, with rich historical and culture heritages, shows both grandness and delicacy, picturesque as a Chinese landscape painting! Mt. Tianzhu was a gathering place of ancient Anhui cultures. Taoists worshiped and listed it the No. 14 Dongtian (blessed spot) and No. 57 Fudi (fairyland). the second and third Buddhist patriarchs of Dhyana Sect was attracted to visited here. Tangfoguang (Budda glory) Temple and Nanliangshangu (South Valley) Temple experienced a certain period of prosperity. Such great men of letters as Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, Wang Anshi, Huang Tingjian left here about 400 inscriptions engraved upon the walls of cliff, showing the essence of all types of calligraphy arts and literature from all periods of different dynasties. The quantity and quality of the inscriptions on the ancient Stone Cow Cave top all other places in the province. The excavation of ancient cultural historic site near Xuejiagang Village unveiled a primitive scene in the Neolithic Age.

    The scenery here is unique, spectacular, overwhelming and breathtaking. Mt. Tianzhu carries both the grandness of Mt. Huang and the tranquilness of Mt. Lu, tide of mist and sea of cloud are really magnificent and marvellous. Here you will see fantastic pine trees, grotesque rocks, pouring waterfalls, gurgling springs, deep valleys, secluded caves, perilous passes and ancient mountain villages.

    In this area the natural resources are abundant and the flora is rich and luxuriant. Here you can easily find such precious plants as Emmenopterys Oliy, Magnolia Sieholdjj, fish-scale wood, pearl boxwood, and R.fortunei Lindley (a kind of azalea). You can also encounter some rare animals like masked civet, lyrebird and giant salamander. The highest peak, grotesque and precipitous, ascending straightway into the sky, is 1485 meters above sea level and the water resources are very rich, ranking forefront in China compared with other famous mountains.