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Hui Garden

Located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area, south of Hefei city, occupies an area of over 20 hectares. Its layout is based on the geographic topography and in line with the administrative divisions of Anhui Province. Two small streams, symbolizing the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, run through it.
The architectures in the east part, a division dedicated to the north part of the province, are in royal garden style, and those In the west part, embodying the south part of the province, are in Hui style (an architecture style formed in the south of Anhui Province), especially imitating the waterfront garden houses. In the middle lie some modern architectures like the Century Bridge and the Century Square. All the 17 cities of the province have replicated their own local-culture-representing architectures in designated areas. These buildings not only have formed their own individual and exclusive small garden-like scenery, but also emulate and flatter each other with the rest of garden.
Those manmade scenes representing Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Jiuhua, Mt. Langya, Chaohu Lake, and Yangtze River all have beautiful names as "Attractive looks of Mt. Huangshan", "Sails on Chaohu Lake", "Li Bai (a very famous poet in Tang Dynasty) Citing poems to the Moon", "Light of Buddha in Mt. Jiuhua" and "The bold drinker in Langya Mountain". Those spectacles not only reflect the great achievements that people of Anhui have made in social reform, human culture and economic development, but also the mentality of their ardent love towards the nature and ever ongoing inspiration as well as collective efforts, what is more, they also reveal a brand new image of Anhui Province in 21 Century. The garden is a comprehensive facility both for tourist attraction and recreational activities. While touring in the garden, one can familiarize himself with the history of the province as well as experience the feeling of being personally on the scene to those well-known scenic spots in Anhui Province.

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