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Pearl Square

located at the cross of Hefei-Anqing Highway and Fanhua Ave., a prime location in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area, occupies an area of 12 hectares, of which 8 hectares are green covered land. Within the Square, there stands the office building of the Administration Commission of the Development Area, a music fountain, the largest in the southeast of China, Sofitel Grand Park Hefei, a five-star hotel, and a bowling gymnasium with 32 alleys. The square serves as a window on the Development Area, Hefei City, and even Anhui Province. Besides, around this square, various services can be provided, either for business related to commerce, trade, financial affairs, or for housing and entertainment.
    The fountain takes a large piece of land and the waters dance to the music. The flowing stream and its drifting droplets are just like flying blossoms splashing in the air and glittering jade pieces scattering around --- what an amazing sight indeed! Around the fountain are green lawns, interspersed with groves, hedges and benches.
    The square features in harmonizing landscaping with the buildings around. Red European-style pinnacles of the buildings, verdant lawns, blue sky, fleecy cloud, lucid water and lovely pigeons add color to each other, making a wonderful picture. The layout of the square and the buildings around it reflect the belief of harmony between man, architecture and environment. While taking a short rest on these benches, you can experience both the vitality and peace of life.
    The most overwhelming enjoyment for people in the square perhaps is none other than these lovely creatures  C pigeons. There are over 1,000 pigeons soaring and gliding in the sky, sometimes rambling on the ground, sometimes even flying over your head and taking a short rest on your shoulder or hand, they are so friendly to visitors. If you happen to bring them some feed, they will be always around you, seeming to express their thanks. What a touching experience. The pigeons really add much attractiveness to the square and bring much fun and pleasure to visitors.

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