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Beijing - Hefei - Mountain Jiuhua - Lake Taiping - Mountain Huangshan - Hangzhou



Day01:Arrive in Hefei by air or by train 。        
Place & Transport:Hefei & Flight or Train
Today's Activities:
Arrive in Hefei by air or by train. Hefei City, situated in the central part of Anhui Province, is the provincial capital. For its location in the convergence spot of two branches of the Fei River, Hefei got its name and has been there since the Qin Dynasty with a history of 2,200 years, covering an area of 596 square kilometers and having a population of over 2 million. Hefei is one of the first garden cities in China and also one of the China's outstanding tourist cities, characterized by a green zone surrounding the ancient City-Defense River in the inner city, and its major attractions include the Anhui Provincial Museum, the Temple and Tomb of Bao Zheng, the former residence of Li Hongzhang, Museum of Anhui Celebrities, etc. Stay in Hefei for the night.
Day02: Full day visiting in Mt.jiuhua.       
Place & Transport:Mountain Jiuhua & Bus
Today's Activities:
After breakfast proceed southwards to Mountain Jiuhua by bus (200 kilometers, 3 hours) via the Tongling-Yangtse Bridge. Visit the scenic spots in Mount Jiuhua such as the Heaven Terrace, the Longevity Palace, and the Mortal Body Palace in the afternoon. Stay at Mountain Jiuhua for the night or enjoy the performance of Buddhist ceremonies in the temples like Zhiyuan Temple.
Day03: Bus ride to Mountain Huangshan         
Place & Transport:Mt.huangshan & Bus
Today's Activities:
Bus ride to Mountain Huangshan (110 kilometers, 3 hours) via Lake Taiping (choice available on a brief stay for touring the Lake) after breakfast. Lake Taiping is the largest man-made lake in Anhui Province, surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery, which is 80 kilometers long with a water area of 88 square kilometers and 10 meters deep on average, and also abounds in aquatic products free from pollution. After lunch climb Mount Huangshan by Taiping Cableway, and visit the most famous mountain in China and also the World Cultural and Natural Reserve. Enjoy the scenic spots such as the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, Xihai Grand Canyon, Rock Flying From Afar and Bright Summit (1,860 meters above sea level). Stay in peak area for the night.
Day04: Visit Lion Peak.       
Place & Transport:Lion Peak & Hike
Today's Activities:
In the morning visit Lion Peak, Refreshing Terrace and Beginning-to-believe Peak in the Beihai Scenic Area, and then come down from the peak area by Yungu cableway (The more energetic can go to visit Lotus Flower Peak and Heavenly Capital Peak in the front mountain and then come down by Yuping cableway). In the afternoon depart for Yixian County by bus (50 kilometers, 1 hour) and tour the World Cultural Reserve - the ancient dwelling houses in Xidi and Hongcun Villages. Take a bus ride to Tunxi District where the government of Huangshan City is located (over 50 kilometers, 1 hour) and stay there.
Day05:  Tour around Tunxi District for the whole day       
Place & Transport:Tunxi & Bus
Today's Activities:
Tour around Tunxi District for the whole day. Huangshan City was known historically as Huizhou Prefecture, located in south Anhui bordering Zhejiang Province and Jiangxi Province, and surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters. It consists of 3 districts (Huangshan, Tunxi, and Huizhou) and 4 counties (Yixian, Shexian, Xiuning and Qimen), covering an area of 980 square kilometers with a population of 1.5 million. Huangshan City is one of the world's rare regions abounding in high-taste tourism resources, and offers a variety of first-class natural and cultural sceneries of domestic and foreign reputation within one-hour bus ride. The best scenic spots there are picturesque mountains and waters, poetic pastoral scenes, well-preserved relics and green ecology. To enjoy Hui cuisine and famous brands of tea is also a must. The Tunxi Old Street, Hu Kaiwen Inkstick Factory and Huashan Mysterious Cavern can be a choice for the day's visit. Go to Shanghai by air or Hangzhou by bus (over 200 kilometers, about 2.5 hours by highway)
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