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Tour  code:AHT06
B----breakfast     L----Lunch       D----Dinner
Day  by  day  itinerary:
Day01: Arrive in Hefei.       
Place & Transport:Hefei & Flight
Today's Activities:
Depart from Beijing or Shanghai and arrive in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province. Tour Anhui Provincial Museum, the temple and the tomb of Bao Zheng, the former residence of Li Hongzhang, Museum of Anhui Celebrities, etc. Stay in Hefei for the night.
Day02: Hike to Mt.tianzhu.        
Place & Transport:Mount Tianzhu & Hike
Today's Activities:
After breakfast go to Mount Tianzhu by bus along the freeway (120 kilometers, about 2 hours). Mount Tianzhu, also called Mount Wangongshan and Mount Qianshan, is situated in Qianshan County of Anqing City and was conferred as South Mount Yue in B.C. 106 by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. The highest peak of Mount Tianzhu - Tainzhu Peak, 1,488 meters high above sea level, has a projecting shape like a pillar, but by hiding itself behind a cluster of mountain peaks mysteriously, veiling its splendid scene of propping up into the sky and towering other peaks in the clough until the sightseer climbs up to its top. The scenic area of Mount Tianzhu covers an area of 82 square kilometers. With two cableways built, its infrastructure construction has been progressing fast these years and is promising in the tourism of Anhui Province. After climbing the Mount by cableway, visit scenic spots including the Xiangbi Rock, Mysterious Cave, the Baiyue Terrace, Tianzhu Peak and Lake Liandan. In the afternoon visit the famous Temple Sanzu of the Chan sect, valleys and streams, cliff and the rock inscriptions at the foot of Mount Tianzhu, and also drifting over the Wan River by taking a bamboo raft. Stay at Qianshan County Seat for the night.
Day03:Full day visiting in Qianshan.         
Place & Transport:Qianshan & Hike
Today's Activities:
Tour the Qianshan County Seat. Qianshan, historically called Shuzhou Prefecture, is subordinate to Anqing City and is the birthplace of Qiao the Elder and Qiao the Younger, the two best-known beauties in the Three Kingdoms Period, and also the place where the famous love - story of "Peacocks Fly Southeast" happened. The attractions there include Tower Jueji built in Tang Dynasty, Xiaoqiao Washing Rouge Well, and Memorials for the novelist Zhang Hengshui and for Peking Opera pioneering artist Cheng Changgeng. After lunch, depart for Lake Huating of Taihu County by bus ride (40 kilometers, 1 hour) and cruise the lake, surrounded by mountains, 100 kilometers long, covering an area of 72 square kilometers with water reserve of 2.39 billion steres and is a famous man-made valley lake in West Anhui with clear water and beautiful scenery. Many Buddhist temples assemble in the mountains by Lake Huating, of which temples of the Chan sect and the Erzu Chan Hall in Lion Hill are the most famous. A visit is alternative to the former residence of Zhao Puchu, a celebrity in the circle of Buddhism. In northwest of the lake, there is Tangwan Hot Spring and manors for taking a bath and rest. Stay at Taihu County for the night.
Day04: Drive to Anqing.        
Place & Transport:Anqing & Auto
Today's Activities:After breakfast drive to Anqing (40 kilometers, 1 hour). Anqing City, with a long history, is situated on the northern bank of the Yangtse River, southwest of Anhui Province. It was once the capital of Anhui Province for quite a long time and is one of China's outstanding tourist cities, with Temple Yingjiang, Tower Zhenfeng and Tomb of Cheng Duxiu worth sightseeing. Anqing is the origin of Huangmei Opera and the place where famous artists such as Yan Fengying, Ma Lan and Han Zaifen come from. In the day, you may visit the well-known Anqing Huangmei Opera School and in the evening may enjoy the native Huangmei Opera performance. Stay in Anqing for the night.
Day05: Your departure        
Place & Transport:Nanchang & Flight
Today's Activities:Put an end to the tour route in Anhui Province. Go to Mount Lushan, Nanchang or Wuhan by bus via the freeway or fly to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou to continue the travel
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