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Huangshan Hiking Tour
Tour Code:HST- 01
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Tour highlights:Huangshan Mountain is one of the best destinations in China for those mountain-climbing lovers, for it provides not only fabulous scenery which has inspired Chinese artists for generations, but also challenging trails for hiking. Only after this memorable trip can you better understand traditional Chinese painting and importance of Huangshan to Chinese.
B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
Detailed Itinerary
Day 01 Arrive in Huangshan city
A late afternoon or an evening flight will take you to Tunxi (Huangshan City) in the southern part of Anhui Province.  Tunxi has been one of the most important towns in the region since ancient times. It lies in the upper reaches of the Xin An River, the vital communications link between the provinces of Anhui, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. Quaint Tunxi Street, a commercial row where souvenirs and local products have been sold for hundreds of years, has been used for shooting many films about ancient China. After settling into your hotel, the guide will take an evening walk to the historic street to see its old style buildings, souvenir rows and antique furniture. Stay at downtown hotel (4 star or 3 star)
Day 02 Huangshan
Sleep in or get up early to visit a local farmers' market and to watch people do Tai Chi exercise in a local park. After breakfast we drive to Huangshan ("Huang" means "yellow" and "shan" means "mountain"), about 75 km northwest of Tunxi. In 1990 UNESCO listed the Huangshan region as a world cultural and natural heritage site.  Huangshan is one of the most spectacular areas in all of China. Its unique scenery of jagged peaks and twisted pines is often depicted in traditional Chinese paintings. Rocks, mist, trees, and waterfalls make this an unforgettable place. Within an area of 154 square kilometers is a crown of peaks, with 72 named for the shapes they resemble. Lotus Flower, Bright Top and Celestial Capital are the three major ones, all rising above 1,800 meters (5,600 feet). You will hike about three hours to reach the summit and the setting for the Beihai Hotel.
 Hike to Huangshan summit [2 miles, more than 1000 steps to climb, 1600 meters or 5000 feet above sea level, 4 hours; guests carry a change of clothing in their daypack and leave their luggage locked in the shuttle vehicle as there is no road access to the Beihai Hotel]
Day 03 Huangshan
One of the highlights of a visit to Huangshan is a Beihai sunrise: with a sea of low clouds blanketing the valley to the north and "island" peaks hazily reaching for the heavens.  After breakfast we descend from the peak along the western steps where you will marvel at Huangshan's most spectacular scenery. Explore Tiandu Feng (Celestial Capital Peak) and Lianhua Feng (Lotus Flower Peak) before taking a cable car down to Huangshan Hot Springs. If time permits, we take a soothing soak in the warm waters.  The whole morning hikes will take you 4 hours to reach the cable car terminal on the top and you will pass by many splendid scenes along the path. The hiking is a real challenge for the aged and the weak, but it is nothing scared for those whole does everyday hiking about 3 miles.
Remember to eat a big breakfast so as not to feel hungry on the midway. Around noon you can either eat your lunch on the top or at bottom, which depends on your hiking pace. In the afternoon the journey continues to the ancient village of YiXian where some of the most beautiful natrural scenery in China is experienced.  This area is famous for preservation of Ming Dynasty architecture and ancient traditions and customs. In YiXian you have the opportunity to hike in a bamboo forest and visit the village where the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was filmed.  You can return to Tunxi in the evening for another night at the same downtown Hotel.
   Hike in Huangshan [6 miles with more than 6000 up and down steps, 5 hours]
Day 04 Huangshan-Hangzhou
This morning you will shuttle to Hangzhou for an afternoon flight to Guilin.  On your trip to Hangzhou you will pass through the most beautiful parts in China, the green hills covered by groves of bamboos and tea bushes, scattered with white cottages here and there. In 3 hours you will reach the West Lake,  the most well-known resort in China. You can have a pause by the lake and enjoy the scenes for one hour then go to the airport for your next destination---Guilin or some other destinations.
As for your lunch, you can have a try at the Hangzhou flavor---sweet & sour fish, enjoyed by all tourists home and abroad.