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Two Pogodas In Song Dynasty

In She County lies two ancient pogodas dating back to song dynasty, around 800 years ago.


The Changqing Monastery Pagoda stands at the foot of the Xigan Mountain by the LianJiang River in Shexian. It was built beside the Changqin Monastery in the second year of Chonghe' s reign (1119) in the Northern Song Dynasty. It is square and seven-storeyd in a solid tower style. As the ancient Chongqing Monastery consisted of ten temples, the pagoda used to be called Ten-Temples Pagoda. Now the temples are all gone, and only the pagoda remains.

Yuliang Dam


Yuliang Dam, a comparatively big water control project of the ancient Shexian County, is situated 1km south of the town. Built of granite, the dam is over 100m long, its inclined plane 50m wide. Yuliang Street, one of the three Ming streets extant in Shexian, stretches just along the river, and situated nearby are such scenic spots as the Ancient Pass, the spot where Li Bai made Inquiries and Expecting-Fairy Bridge.


In ancient Huizhou area, Xinan River was the only way connecting local people with the outside world. Therefore the river became extremely important for their daily life. Just take a look at Yuliang dam on the river built in Song Dynasty, still standing strong after weathering through 1000 years.

Being washed over by water for thousand years, the shape of these stones defines the weight of history, or shall we say the wave of history. And it's right from here, the ancient Yuliang dock, that over millions of teenage boys bid farewell to their hometown. They didn't have time to be sentimental, because for them, this was the starting point for a bright promising future career. And without their efforts, there probably wouldn't be so many old streets, old towns.