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Ming Imperial Tomb

Ming Imperial Tomb is located 15 kilometers southwest of Fengyang County, it was built by Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of Ming dynasty for his parents, brothers and sister- in -law. It was built in Ming dynasty and rebuilt later. Although the tomb is not for the emperor, the system is the same as Ming Xiao Tomb and 13 Tombs of Beijing, the stone carvings are still well preserved now.

The tomb has three layers of wall, the inside city is imperial city, 251 meters in perimeter, the middle city is brick city, 3 kilometers in perimeter, the outer city is Tu City, and the perimeter is 14 kilometers. There are palace, Golden Gate Huangtang Bridge, Xiama Stele, Stone man, Stone Beast, etc. The 3 gates of the tomb all take the north gate as its main gate, and the Tomb sits in the south and faces the north, the Divine Path is also located at its north. Along the 3 central axis, there are many sacrifice, guard and houses, forming a large and grand imperial tomb group.

The tomb stele is 6.87 meters high, with 6 huge dragons at its top, Chinese characters "the stele of Ming Imperial Tomb", and clouds at its bottom. The inscription was written by Zhu Yuanzhang himself, accounting his hard life story, military life and the whole process of conquering the country.


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