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 Leisure Ford Park (Xiaoyaojin Park)

   Hefei Travel - Leisure Ford Park
         The contradictorily named Leisure Ford Park(Xiaoyaojin Park) is well known in modern China as a famousbattlefield. Although history faithful to the truth is a little hard totrack down, most accounts in China now go like this.
     Inthe last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), a general calledSun Quan, afterwards to become king of the Wu Kingdom, led a troop of100,000 soldiers towards Hefei, with plans to take the city. The citygeneral, a subordinate of the famous Cao Cao, named Zhang Liao, had but7,000 troops under his command. Troops were fearful and restlessawaiting the onslaught that was sure to result in the sacking of thecity. So Zhang thought he would try to even up the odds.
     Takingalmost all of his troops, Zhang initiated a night blitz upon theunprepared Sun barracks and the bloody battle that ensued was toeventually result in the rout of Sun's unprepared army. Sun is said tohave escaped death by leaping the canal that ran beside the battlefield.
         Nowadaysthe area has lost much of its charm. It was turned into a park thiscentury, and now covers a total of 31.3 hectares. The park is anuninspiring thing that is probably only of interest to Chinese historylovers, botanists and sadistic zoologists. The zoo in the southeasterncorner of the park is typical of China's zoos, with small cages andpoor facilities. The western corner has bonsai, rare Chinese plants,rockeries as well as mock versions of traditional Chinese architecture.There are also three islets on the lake, that between them hold acenotaph of general Zhang Liao, a statue of him seated upon his horseand a bridge that is said to be the spot that Sun Quan leapt to freedom.

         Hefei Travel - Terrace for Training Archers (Jiaonutai)
 Terrace for Training Archers
This terrace is inside the east gate of Hefei. It is five meters high and covers 3,700 square meters.
According to the city's records, Cao Cao had the terrace erected fortraining archers the use of the crossbow to resist Sun Quan's navy.
A well on the terrace is called High Well (Gaojing) or roof tops ofthe bungalows in the streets below. Grooves in the rock, made by theropes used for hauling up water, are still visible on the rim.
  Mingjiao Temple on the terrace contains an iron Buddha six meters high and weighing over five tons.

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