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The East Lake Scenic Spot


The East Lake Scenic Spot is located in Wuchang District of Wuhan. Characterized by its beautiful water and mountains, abundant plants, strong customs of Chu and unique gardens, it is a national key scenic spot.

The East Lake Scenic Spot, which consist of the East Lake and terrestrial scenic spots along the lake, has a total area of over 80 square kilometers. The East Lake is the largest inner city lake in China, covering an area of 33 square kilometers.

Major places of interests are Tingtao (Listening to Surging waves) Scenic Spot, Moshan Mountain and Luo-hong (Luojia Hill and Hong Hill).

Tingtao Scenic Spot include Kezhu House, Open Theater, Tingtao House, Xingyin Pavillion , Pear Garden, Jiunu (nine women) Mound, Lake-center Pavilion and the Statue Fable Garden.

Moshan Mountain stands southeastwards to the lake. Surrounded by the water on three sides, the mountain is 118 meters above sea level. In this area there are Zhubei Pavilion and Qianfan Pavilion, Moshan Botanical Garden and Chu Town, among which Moshan Botanical Garden has the most various types of plum blossoms and lotus in the world.

Luo-hong Area is noted for its Cherry Blossom Festival on the campus of Wuhan University, which is held every March or April and attracts a large mumber of sightseers.