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Twelve Peaks of Mt.Wushan

The Mt. Wushan range lies on the border of the Sichuan and Hubei Provinces. It stretches its way from northeast to southwest connecting with the Daba Mountain in the north. Mt. Wushan has long been a place people pined to experience the majesty and grace of the twelve peaks. The Yangtze River weaves among the peaks creating the well-known Wu Gorge.

Wu Gorge , long and deep , has fantastic scenery with countless twists and turns . The Twelve Peaks are breathtaking and lie on both sides of Wu Gorge . Among the twelve peaks , the Goddess Peak is the most strange and attractive one .
A folk tale says once upon a time , there lived in the heavenly palace a goddess named Yao Ji , who was the twenty-third daughter of the Queen Mother of the west . She was intelligent , kindhearted and active in temperament . She could not endure the quiet life in the heavenly palace . So on August 15 , she left the the palace to speed across the sky . She flew over thousands of mountains and saw many wonderful scenes of the human world . But when she came to the mist-enveloped Wushan Mountains , she saw twelve dragons causing trouble to the people and Yu who was harnessing the water was surrounded by the flood . Moved by Yu's indomitable spirit , Yao Ji decided to eliminate the evils for Yu . From the top of the cloud , she pointed her finger towards the dragons . Thunders began to roar causing mountains and earth to tremor . When everything became quiet again , the bodies of the twelve dragons had turned into twelve huge mountains .
Yu climbed to the top of the Wushan Mountains to express his gratitude to Yao Ji , but all he saw there was a slender rock standing there . It is a single block thrusting into the sky and surrounded by green peaks and fog .When white clouds and mists surround the peak , it looks like a human figure of a slim and beautiful young goddess wearing a white silk scarf . She gazes at the river from sunrise to sunset full of passion and love , so the peak has got another name ,Wangxia Peak. Year after year ,She stood on top of Wushan pointing the way for the passing ships , driving away wild animals , spreading drifting rain for the people . She began to forget about the heavenly palace and herself . Eventually she turned into the Goddess Peak for people to admire .

The legend about the goddess Peak is popular in the area of the Wushan Mountains . There are several versions . In memory of her , the local people in ancient times gave her the honourable title of "Wonderful True Taoist"and a Taoist temple (the Goddess Temple) , which was built at the foot of Flying Phoenix Peak . The flat terrace on the mountain is Book Presenting Terrace where the goddess gave Yu the book .

There are six peaks lying on each side of the river. On the north bank are Deng Long, Sheng Quan, Zhao Yun, Wang Xia, Song Liang and Ji Xian all of which can be seen when cruising on the Yangtze River. The peaks of Jing Tan, Qi Yun and Shang Sheng on the south bank are hidden behind the mountain ranges while the other three, namely Fei Feng, Cui Ping and Ju He are visible from the river. Names have been derived from a distinct characteristic of each. Wang Xia Peak, also known as the Goddess Peak, is on the north bank and attracts much more attention. At its summit there is a stele which is in shape of a maiden. Legend says that the maiden is the Goddess Yaoji who vanquished demons and monsters in the Yangtze River and helped Yu the Great (an ancient tribal leader in the 2nd century BC) to cut through the Three Gorges. Finally she is incarnated to the Goddess Peak guarding the gorges forever.
The mountains and peaks integrated myths and legends have been passed down from generation to generation. Poets adored the twelve peaks all through the ages and poems are too numerous to mention individually. The Twelve Peaks as a whole are such a masterpiece of nature that words only fail to describe their beauty. Come and view these gorgeous peaks encircled by their mist and clouds and you can live the subject of the amazing Chinese Brush Paintings.

When traveling in the Wu Gorge , people are most concerned about whether the charisma of the Twelve Peaks of the Wu Gorge still remain . " The Goddess Peak if she is still there , will marvel at a world so changed ." Today the Twelve Peaks still compete their beauty and magnificence each other . The Goddess Peak is still slim and elegant . Romantic stories and legends attract countless

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