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Flower Harbor Park With Gold Fish

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor | 花港观鱼 | huā ɡǎnɡ ɡuān yú
Address: Flower Harbor Park | 花港公园 | huā ɡǎnɡ ɡōnɡ yuán

The Flower Harbor Park with Golden Fish at West Lake, Hangzhou, is one of the ten famous places of interests of West Lake.

From ancient times, there is an ancient Chinese saying: "As there is paradise in Heaven, so there are Hangzhou and Suzhou on earth." Hangzhou earns its name because of a fantastic West Lake, always praised in ancient poems.

The Flower Harbor Park with Golden Fish is an island surrounded by West Lake and outer West Lake, which peony park dominated the central part. You can overlook the whole scenery in the Flower Harbor Park from the resting Pavilion.

Flower Harbor (Huagang) Park is adjacent to Su Causeway consisting of Red Fish Pool, Peony Garden, Flower Garden, widespread lawns and woods, occupying an area of 21 hectares.
Initially, the park was a small private garden built and owned by Lu Yunsheng, an imperial official of the South Song Dynasty. The garden was located near the Flower Home Hill. Inside the park was a fishpond and a stream nearby was ushered into the pond for raising goldfish.
Later the private garden began to gain a big fame in Hangzhou as Flower Harbor and became a recreation resort for viewing goldfishes. Painters and poets vied each other for depicting the garden in their inspirational artworks. In the Qing Dynasty, the park was relocated in today's place, much nearer to the West Lake.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited the Park on one of his inspection trips to this part of China. The emperor was so pleased and inspired by the flowers and goldfish he saw at the garden that he wrote a poem to praise the resort as well as in memory of his visit.

The large variety of flowers and golden fish are the leading roles in the park. Peony Park is the best place for enjoying the flowers, among which the pink, the green, and the purple peonies are most famous. Besides peonies, there are more than 200 species of flowers.

In spring, you can smell the perfumes of Chinese flowing Crabapples, azaleas, peach blossoms, and Chinese herbaceous peonies. Coming to summer, you can view the Yulan magnolia, Chinese crape myrtle, and lotus.

In autumn, you can enjoy the laurel. While in winter, you can smell winter sweet, camellia, and the nandina.

The best place enjoying the golden fish is the Red fish Pond, where most golden fish are red and golden or silver and orange, average 1ft long and some even longer. You can feed them or just watch the golden fish playing in-groups.

Beautiful flowers and the moving golden fish in the Flower Harbor Park make everyone relaxed. You can enjoy the natural beauty here.

A visit to the Flower Harbor is a trip into a picturesque poem. You can look at fish, admire flowers, touch trees, listen to birds chirping, and witness the exodus of spring and the arrival of summer. You will find yourself close to nature by looking up at the sky, looking down at reflections in water, trying to memorize the momentary shapes of clouds, strolling in a drizzle, or counting stars glittering in the universe.

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