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West Lake International Golf Countryside Club

No.200, Zhijiang Road,Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R.C. 310024.
Tel: +86(0)571 8732 1700 / 8709 1020
Fax: +86(0)571 8709 7351

Hangzhou Westlake International Golf & Country Club in Hangzhou
The splendid city of Hangzhou is praised by Marco Polo as "the most noble city and heaven on earth". Hangzhou has long attracted people's admiration. The city exudes a mystical charm & radiates vibrancy pleasing to the tourists when they come down here. The people of Hangzhou are great sport enthusiasts .They take wide interest in football, Golf etc. Golf is one of the most loved sport in Hangzhou. The city boasts of a fine number of hotels & sport centre that provides Golf course in Hangzhou. Westlake International Golf & Country Club of Hangzhou, is well famed golf club in China.
In China the sport of Golf started from late 1980's when China took on the OPEN policy. Golf is considered a very expensive entertainment only played by the millionaires here. So the basic facilities on golf course is still not that widely developed.
The West Lake International Golf Club : West Lake International Golf Countryside Club is the first golf court of 36 -hole international standard in Zhejiang province. The land area is 2,600,000 m .It is designed by the great golf star Jack Nicklaus. He is regarded as the pioneer of the golf course development. The West Lake International Golf Club opened in 1997. It is only 36 hole international championship golf course. The course is dotted with natural lakes . Playing golf with the natural lakes in the backdrop , clubbed with broad rolling fairway, & a changeable terrain imparts a unique dimension to this game. It certainly makes golf an attractive sport.

Presently, the first stage of 18-hole standard court measuring about 365 . 76m , precisely of 400 yards double direction golf practice court , Golfing T-bar practice court , the first chamber and concerned accessory facilities are open to the public. The court is managed and operated according to international standard club membership system. There are individual membership and group membership. The pleasant natural scenery around the golf course together with the challenging design is fit for the players of all levels and is attractive to the experienced golfers. Golf course is 4,000 m , par 72 that measure 7,331 yards. However the fees depends and is fixed from time to time.