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Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud

Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud | 双峰插云 | shuānɡ fēnɡ chā yú

Two Peaks here means:
North Peak | 北高峰 | běi ɡāo fēnɡ
South Peak | 南高峰 | nán ɡāo fēn

Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds refers to South Peak and North Peak at the West Lake Scenic Spot. In reality, neither peak is very high. South Peak is 256.9 meters (843 feet) in height, and North Peak is 355 meters (1,165 feet). They face each other across a distance of about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).

Twin peaks are the Northern Peak and Southern Peak. One locates southwest to the West Lake and the other locates northwest west. Northern Peak is with an elevation of 256.9 meters, Southern Peak is with an elevation of 355 meters. The two peaks face each other at a distance of more than 5 kilometers. On a drizzly day in spring or autumn, visitors may find a spectacular view of the two peaks while they look up from the Hongchun Bridge. It seems as if an enchanting landscape painting was hanging before them with the peaks disappearing and appearing amidst drifting clouds.

Long ago Buddhist monasteries and pagodas were constructed on the tops of the two peaks. This place became a great attraction and was listed as one of the ten famous scenic sites of West Lake during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Over the years the monasteries and pagodas were abandoned and fell into disrepair. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Emperor Kangxi renamed the area Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds when he toured West Lake and erected a pavilion at Hongchunqiao Bridge on Lingyin Lu.

Narrow winding paths lead you to the top of South Peak, where you can get an overview of all the natural beauty of West Lake. It is easier to reach the top of North Peak. The stone steps on the west side can lead you there. The crystal clear streams and overlapping trees along the road give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature. If you like, there is also a ropeway on the east side that will lead you to the top. Halls and pavilions have been built on the top of North Peak, where you can also have an overview of West Lake's beautiful scenery.

It is easy to get to this scenic spot. Just take bus No.7, No.27, No.807 or tourism bus No.1, No.2, No.3, and get off at Hongchunqiao Stop. Your destination is 50 meters (164 feet) ahead.

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