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              Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill 

Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill | 南屏晚钟 | nán pínɡ wǎn zhōnɡ

Address: 56 NanShan Road | 南山路56号 | nán shān lù wǔ shí liù hào
Business Time: 7:00 – 16:45
Tel: 87975135
  Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill, it is one of the "Ten Views of West Lake" with the longest history. In the Northern Song Dynasty, a distinguished artist, Zhang Zeduan, did a painting entitled "Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill".It is not as famous as the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival which also was done by him. Nanpin Hill lies along the south bank of the West Lake, less than 100 meters high, but extends as long as over 1000 meters. It features the odd-shaped rocks and the green woods. Nanpin Hill offers different views due to the different weather. In fine days, the green woods over the hill grow more enchanting. In rainy days, the hill ----- partially covered with clouds and fog ---creates a beautiful scene: the hill looks like dance trippingly.
  In 972 A.D. a famous temple, named as "Xingjiao Temple"  was built on the Nanpin Hill. After that, a few more small temples were built around it. Therefore, Nanpin Hill was locally called as "Buddhism Kingdom Hill"  Formed of limestone, the Nanping Hill contains lots of caves and cavities. The shape of the hill is just like a painted screen. Therefore, when the bell was rung in the evening, its sonorous sound echoed through the caves and cavities, even reached as far as the other shore of the West Lake. And then the Ge Hill locating there sent back a big echo over the lake.

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