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Drum Hill (Gushan)

Drum Hill is located on the northern bank of the Minjiang River in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The name was derived from a huge boulder in the shape of a drum at the top of the hill.
The national scenic area-Mt. Gu (meaning drum hill in Chinese) is located in the eastern suburb of Fuzhou City and the evergreen mountain-Mt. Gu is a famous Buddhist scenic spot, sitting on the north bank of the Min River. It is 17 kilometers (about 10.6 miles) from downtown Fuzhou. It gained its name from a large rock on the mountaintop shaped like a drum, and during thunderstorms, thunder appeared to emanate from atop the mountain-'drum', hence the name Mt. Gu. From the Song Dynasty (960-1279), there are 500 inscriptions on the cliff face by literates of this time, which is rare in China.. There are more than 150 spots of historical interest and scenic beauty on the hill. Surging Spring Temple (Yongquansi), built more than a thousand years ago, is one of the most famous monasteries of Fujian Province.
With an altitude of 969 meters, the Drum Mount scenic zone covers a total area of 49.7 square kilometers, and is divided into six major scenic spots: Stone Drum, Drum Ridge Mountain, Eel Stream, Phoenix Pond, White Cloud Cave and Nanyang Anan Stream. There are about 50 streams, gullies, waterfalls and springs, most notably the Eel Stream waterfall and Dongshan Stream waterfall. As a famed historic and cultural mountain, the Drum Mount enjoys the superior reputation of "King of Fujian Temples".
To the east of the temple are Source of Spirits Cave (Lingyuandong), the Water Sound Chamber (Tingshuizhai), and White Ape Gorge (Gaiyuanxia), where precipitous stone cliffs are carved with calligraphic inscriptions and Buddhist statues. To the west of the temple, luxuriant pines and cypresses shade the "eighteen views of Drum Hill" and White Cloud Cave (Baiyundong), and narrow paths Zigzag through the woods.
Ever since the Song Dynasty, Drum Hill has been frequented by writers, high officials, and members of the nobility. Their inscriptions on the stones have proved a Valuable treasure for later generations. Having more stone inscriptions than any other place in the province, Drum Hill is also called the "forest of tablets in Fuzhou."
Transportation: you may take the Mt. Gu Special Line from Wuyi Square or take bus Nos. 7, 36, 37, 808, 815, 949, 957, 960 and Mawei Special Bus Line to Mt. Gu.