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Located 27 km from Yangshuo, in the eastern bank of the Li River, Xingping is an ancient town with a history of more than 1300 years. Apart from the well preserved Ming Dynasty architectures, which dominant the town, and fine wood carving dating back to more than five hundred years, Xingping boast some of the best natural scenery around the area, somewhat better than that that in Yangshuo. The seven mountains surrounding the village, two stone guarding at the entrance keep the place a spiritual sanctuary off the modern world.  

There are such enchanting scenes as "Pretty Woman Looking in the Mirror", "General Drawing His Sword" and "Carp Drinking from the River".

    Xingping has been wellknown in the world for its "green hills ,clean water ,singular cave and beautiful stones ".Around the great Li River bend at Xingping ,there are successive scenic spots : Majing hill looks like the neck of a horse ; Chaoban hill looks like a court tablet ; Luohan Hill resembles a laughing Buddha ; Shengni Hill seems like a Monk and Nun quarrelling with each other ; Snail Hill can not be mistaken for anything else but a big snail by the riverside …… In Xingping area, tourists can have a spectacular view-grotesque hills dotting here and there , green bamboo nodding in the breeze and fishing boats drifting on the gentle water . This is the place whose delicate view has been printed on the note of 20 Yuan RMB . "Guilin's scenery is unparalleled in the world " but quite often this saying is followed by " Yangshuo's scenery is the finest in Guilin " and "The best of Yangshuo's scenery is located in Xingping "

    Xingping has a very convenience transportation in both land and waterway ,63KM to Guilin and 27KM away from Yangshuo , it is the biggest town along Li River in the ancient time . within this small area ,you can also find the following famous scenic spots : Mural Hill ,Yellow cloth shoal , Xialong Nice view ,Langshi Scenery , Lotus cave , Tengjiao Temple ETC. In a short distance downstream is the fishing village . Tourists can have a short stay there to escape the bustle and hustle of life . Bill Clinton , the U.S. president paid the village a visit in 1998 while he was travelling the Li River and heard the story of that Mr. Sun ZhongShan has also made a temporary stay here when he led the Northen Expeditionary Army to suppress Yuan Shikai in 1921 . Furthermore , many famous people in China have ever made a trip to Xingping which includes Mr. Zhou Enlai , Deng Yingchao , Ye Jianying , Deng xiaoping , Jiang zhemin , Li peng ETC and this area was highly praised by Marshal Ye Jiangying -"It is true that the scenery of Xingping is really wonderful in Guilin "

The peaks here rise like so many needles, while the rivers are like ribbons. The Tablet Hill, Five-Finger Hill seem to be floating on the water. Xingping River meanders from east to west into the Li River. The reflection of the trees, bamboos and peaks present a watercolor painting.

Downstream from Xingping are the Snail Hill, Carp Hill, Shuiluo Village and green mountains dotted with cottages, fields, trees and bamboo groves.

The historic sites here can be found in Xingping Old Street and Fishing Village about 2 km (1.3 miles) from the town. Xingping Old Street is a one-kilometer long stone street lined with old brick buildings and assembly halls like those of many different provinces. The old banyan tree, which needs as many as eight people's outstretched arms to encircle it, and Guandi (General Guan Yu) Temple which was built in the Qing Dynasty both tell the long history of the town.

Lotus Cave
It is famous for the 108 calcium carbonate stone lotus basins.In the world there are only two countries that have this kind of unique landscape,8 lotus basins in Yugoslavia and 108 in Xingping, China.The Chinese geologist,Sun Daguang, once visited here and wrote "the Wonder in the World."

Three km (1.9 miles) northeast of Xingping Town, there is the newly opened Lotus Cave. The cave is more than 600 meters long and is 2 meters wide along its broadest part. Striking stalactites of different shapes are to be seen in the cave. For example, the main sights include 'the Lotus Petals Suspended Upside down', 'Two Dragons Creeping out the Cave' and the 108 large and small 'Lotus Pods'. The diameters of the 'lotus seed pods' vary from 20 cm to 1.5 meter (4.9 feet) and it's really amazing that the small stones inside the pods look like real seeds! In spring and autumn, the sight is really lifelike under a layer of mist. There is a piece of stalactite which can make euphonic sound when struck. Do you want to have a try?

Fishing Village

Fishing Village has a history of nearly 500 years. It typically represents the architectural style of northern Guangxi Province during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the houses in the village conform with those in the town. They have horse head walls, flying eaves, painted rafters and windows with carved patterns. When the former US president Bill Clinton and his wife visited here, they highly praised the village and were deeply attracted by the residences. The villagers fish for a living with the help of cormorants. Maybe you can go fishing with them on a raft instead of a boat. It's really exciting. Not far from the village is Water-Dropping Village where lies a waterfall, the water from which is often used to make wine.

It is the most famous village beside Li River. In 1921, Sun Yetsan, the president of the Republic of China,visited this fishing village when he went to Guilin from Wuzhou for the Northern Expedition (1926-1927 A.D.).In 1998, when the former U.S. President Bill Clinton came to China, he could not tear himself away from this fishing village and stayed for one more hour.

    With its 24 wonderful scenic spots , Xingping has given a great, lasting impression to the tourists from all over the world 

Xingping belongs to subtropical monsoon climate , the average annual temperature is 19'c ,37'c maximum temperature , minimum temperature 0'c . It is not so hot in summer and not so cold in winter. There is 1464 hours of sunshine throughout the year ,plenty of rain and an average rainfall is 1,640mm . 300 days frost-free period . Evergreen here throughout the whole year , fragrent melons and fruits,it is the recognized most suitable living place for human being .

There are minibus service between Xinping - Yangshuo. Fare is 5,50 Yuan one way. They are leaving when the driver thinks it's enough with passengers.

Highly recommend you to take a bike ride from Yangshuo to Xingping, stops at the mud brick homes of local farmers, pretty pictures of rice paddies and countryside life.

Or you might take public bus from Yangshuo Bus Station to Yangdi Village, and trekking along the bank of Li River to Xingping.