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Tne "Small Li River"-YuLong River

Yangshuo Yulong River is the second largest river after the Lijiang River. Originated Lingui Inguri River, flowing through the Yangshuo three dozen villages in the three townships along the Gui (LAM) Yang (New Moon) road to slowly Nanliujiang. To wear a blue rock Gurong Eritrea scenic ferry Department and the Campbell River after the confluence into the Lijiang River. Yulong to the full 43.5 km and a width of 38-61 m, 0.5-2 m long deep clear water, slow water flow. Normal flow of 5 cubic meters per second. River dam built multiple; non-navigable. Yulong River is known as "Little Li River" is known, is part of Yangshuo County, the main focus of rural heritage and landscapes located. In recent years the rise of the walking tour, so "locked in purdah," the Yulong has finally launched her "red scarf" visitors to its simple original scenery, heritage full of praise.
Yulong River scenic area in the last three years, visitors have to patronize the new area, is it inconvenient obstacles to the promotion of one, but it is far the most inconvenient it still preserved the natural landscape: There is no pollution, clean water , can be heard everywhere the cock barking, chasing visitors shouted Hello children ... ... Yulong Yulong River scenic area in paragraph no majority to pass cars so far, only by foot, bike, take the bamboo raft drifting a more reasonable way of three tours.

Yulong River is the white sand paradise of workers and peasants Kiu Tai tree, about 16 km wide and 38-61 meters, 0.5-2 m, perennial water is clear, water slowly. Yulong River water is too clear up! People living in the city, as long as she approached a surge of deep intimacy that would not stop arises spontaneously, can not wait immediately jumped into the river with her melting into one. Gentle calm river is not the slightest, ripple. Between fish in the dark green plants shuttle, in the Chu red pebbles on the play, the blue sky, sun, moon and stars, will be clear that spring water, and occasional fisherman's raft approaching, people may not tell he was heaven or earth? Yulong River has beautiful scenery too! Mountains rise and fall, Meteorology, just as flamboyant; Crossroad aspect, rice yellow fruit, as if paradise ... ... on the ground, complacent and happy in the atmosphere overflowing with people's mind, no wonder the ancients the Yulong River called "peace water"

Yulong mountain sides handsome winding, rolling, shape thousands, riverbank, green grass and lush bamboo, shade trees prosperity. Yulong River water as emerald green, clear and translucent, the fish went out of water raft and hovering 11 can be seen. Wind blew the water, thrown ripples, like the violin play the notes, quietly, gently. He is so pure, natural beauty, not to waste water, air pollution, dust does not contaminate the secular. Stand above the river bank, any breeze blowing, the soul of any self-clean wash, will be relieved of all disturbed, the ensuing calm, open-mind to acquire a pleasant comfort. Yulong River, like a quiet girl, walked graceful walk, stuff has been. This is really: swimming in the water reflect the peak to peak, there are pictures also love poetry.

Castle Peak at the foot of little villages, the smoke curling; contact with water, coast, village women to persuade their friends, Huan Yi noisy, fish Weng Light swing bamboo raft, net fishing, duck children in groups, or rest, or leisure travel, or play, brought out strong local flavor.

Yulong rural scenery to none. River on both sides, Tianchou formation open, green and pressing, rice flower fragrance. Strolling among the trees, Dunjue refreshing, aloof. This scene, this feeling best in the world of the Lijiang River in the landscape to be found. Said long ago, the East China Sea dragon parade this, see this scenery that eclipsed the East China Sea, it is not hidden away down. This long night of greed surfaced beautiful scenery viewing, and later could not help but sometimes also unawares out during the day, many villagers have seen, Yulong hence the name.

Yulong Yulong Qiao main attractions, rich in bridges, Shuangliu beauty, summer Tong Jia wins, the size of Wuzhishan, Sierra Leone, the Eight Immortals Rock, Sin Kwai bridges, site, etc. owned by Yixian. Course, the upstream country star attractions - Xanadu. Walk or ride a mountain bike, close to nature, feeling infinitely enchanting landscapes given and enjoy the beauty of simple folk customs brought delight to your feast for the eyes, linger.

Drifting on the Yulong river is a exciting activity.  The beginning of longjing river drifting is Yanshui pond in the middle of Longjing River. The surface as quiet as the mirror, the water is so clear that you can see the fish at the bottom of river, the inverted image of green hill emerges in your eyesight. After you take on the redlife jacket and sit in the red rubber boat, you can paddle leisurely ,in such light-hearted environment, the mood is comfortable. Before you drift in the river, the guide will tell you the current is rapid, the riverbed is narrow and the steepy beach.
Swimming is also a popular activity on this River. There are several swimming holes on the river. What’s more, swimming here is safe than on the Li River as there is a small current and it is not as deep.
Several bike rides and hikes also follow the Yulong river taking in local villages and rice paddies. All of these can be some of the most memorable on your China experience.

The Chinese word 'Yulong' refers to 'meeting a dragon'. Local legend has it that a dragon from the East Sea strolled across the Yulong River and, being deeply impressed by the attractive landscape, decided to stay there forever. The villagers living on the river bank saw the dragon several times, and hence named it the Yulong River. Local people use rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between house, markets, and rice paddies. Some villagers made bigger rafts and started to woo the travelers and soon it became a highlight of tour around Yangshuo. Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river. Guilin travel and Guilin tours to Yulong River. Yu Long Bridge This 400 year old bridge is located in a beautiful setting. It is also the location for bamboo raft rides. 

Yu Long Bridge
This 400 year old bridge is located in a beautiful setting. It is also the location for bamboo raft rides.

You can get here easily by bike taking in towns like Ima which is on the banks on the Yulong river.

We definitely recommend a visit to this this bridge and to incorporate it into a bike ride. There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo. Along the way you pass through small villages and past rice paddies and you will follow the banks of the Yu Long river. Very special indeed!

Camel crosses the river
The camel crosses the river --Blue and green strategic point is crossed. Lijiang River right bank three mountain peak link to each other , contract neck Bactrian camel of son like one, like and come up to riverside, the famous camel passes in the river. China famous masterpiece " spring rain of Lijiang River " of Mr., Xu Beihong of maestro, ,it is done here that " blue and green strategic point is crossed ". Best place for a photo is on the Gongnong Bridge.

Zhujiazhai Village
The stockaded village lie in and meet dragon bridge south bank, 6 grotesque peak make up , have 519 above sea more level, villager build A.D. 1854, stockaded village at stockaded village in mountaintop, have one rugged mountain dish wriggle only. Climb a hill stockaded village this as visitor, (go through several scourge of war banditry invariably dangerously steep terrain, beautiful scenery, legendary story its, not broken in the stockaded village ) carry away.

Chaoyang Village
Chaoyang stockaded village built stockaded village fort towards a heavy grotto in the front behind the village. This Reich peak stand in great numbers, get up setting aside, meet dragon river wriggles and wears the field, in gold autumn season, the green willow bamboo of riverside, the rice yellow fruit of field is fragrant, grotesque peak maple leaf each, others latent to fall among them, people stroll come here, seem to be having a taste of the poetic masterpiece of a piece of ancient customs .

Xianggui Bridge
It is the oldest single-curvature arch bridge in Guangxi.It has not only unique structure but also the historical material of Yulong River on its side.

Old House in Guiyi
In the 4th year or WuDe(621) in Tang Dynasty,The county town was built in Guiyi. The ancient Buildings,such as the circumvallation and wells,are well kept.


Travel Tips:

Biking and hiking
These can be some of the most memorable days on your Guilin tour as you cycle and hike following the banks of the Meeting Dragon River. Along the way you pass through small villages and rice paddies. This idyllic experience will be remembered in many years to come.

Have you ever go kayaking before? This time it will be a lot more different. The river is so clear that allows you to see the cobbles on the riverbed, and fishes swimming in the water. A unique scene on the way is that breakwaters (weirs) were built every kilometer or so by locals to allow their animals cross the river. So you could see water buffalos crossing the river through the weirs like walking on the river surface.

Swimming is also a popular activity on this river. Swimming here is safer than on the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep.

Drifting fare:
The whole river drifting (from Fuli Bridge to Gongnong Bridge,12 kilometres) needs 300RMB
Upriver drifting (from Fuli Bridge to Xiatang village ,about 6 kilometers) needs 200RMB
Downriver drifting(from Xiatang village to Gongnong Bridge, about 6 kilometers)needs 200RMB

Yulong River is the biggest branch of the Li River in YangShuo County. The clear water runs smoothly past fields,farmhouses,trees and mountains.
Traveling by bamboo raft you will be surrounded by the crystal water
and feel relaxed and happy in the arms of the green mountains.
Looking from the mountaintops, you can see a vivid panorama of the landscape with the green crystal water flowing through the colorful valley below.

Viewers are entranced with the harmonious picture of women washing clothes beside the river,
ducks swimming on the river,bamboo rafts moving under the old bridge,and farmers working in the fields.
Yulong has a different kind of beauty than the Li River.

Along the Yulong River you can find Fuli Bridge, Guiyi Original Site,
Ancient Village, Xiangui Bridge, the Zhus'Camp,Chuan Cave,Rhinoceros Deep Pool,
Zhaoyang Camp,Seven Stars and other scenic spots.


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