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 theatrical mask

The theatrical mask of Chinese traditional drama is a kind of program that the actor face makes up.Generally applied be in two clean and ugly lines, among them, various person has own particular table type and color mostly, borrowing with the personality characteristic of outstanding person, having the art function of" praise or blame, don't good and evil", making audience ability the eyes see outward appearance, peeping its mind.As a result, the theatrical mask is praised for the role"the appearance of mind".
The theatrical mask turns into with development, isn't the outcome that personal some builds without basis, but drama the artists are in the long-term art the fulfillment, to life phenomenon of observation, experience, comprehensive, and to role in play continuously analytical, judgment, make an evaluation, just became gradually a the whole set of integrity of art skill

Hualian, also known as jing, is a major role in China’s theatrical performing tradition. In Peking Opera jing includes the categories of leading, assisting and military jing. A particular way of painting jing’s face represents a particular identity of the concerned role in a play: it may be a loyal, wicked or good man, or a villain, or a chivalrous hero. The masked face itself is a symbolized work of stereoscopic art. The effort of transplanting stereoscopic art on paper to produce works of plane art is not an isolated phenomenon in the art community. Such work, more often than not, follows one of the two approaches, one of which is to create on paper an exact copy of a masked face, and the other to paint a theatrical figure portrait, casting a particular figure in a mask, quite similar to the work of stage sketches.

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