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The Peking Opera Show, Beijing

Information about Peking Opera
Peking Opera is beijing's local opera and the largest kind of opera widespread in China.
Peking opera now is the Chinese opera, which has evoled
from Anhui's hui opera, Hubei's Han opera, shaanxi's Qin opera(bangzi) and jiangsu's kun opera. after long-termmutural communications,assimilation,
intergration, evolving, it has eventually come int to the present PEKING OPERA. after several generations' development, peking opera has been
integrating dance, singing, dialogue, acrobactics, images, facial make ups highlight exafferation, conciseness and put an emphasis on symbo-
lizing, decorativeness rather than seeing for reality. moreover, the scenery in the peaking opera's stage is also a symbolized, pretty succinct, in
peking opera's stage, audiences can often see the most difficult actions requiring  high skills. thus, it has added peking opera's charm.
Peking opera of china is a national treasure with a history of 200 years. In the year 1790 during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, There were the four
major Huiban opera Troupes which came to the capital and blended in Beijing's opera circle of that time. After the combination and integration of
various kinds of opera over half century, the present Peking opera, was formed.

Time: Every evening at 7:30pm (the show lasts 1 hour)
Venue: The Liyuan Theatre inside Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, 175 Yongan Lu, Xuanwu District

Cost:30USD    ( Discount Tickets )


Beijing Acrobatic Show in the evening
Departure Date: Daily
Tour Itinerary

other  price different  price  for  different  area:

Regular Prices:
Sections One and Three:  RMB380 
Section Two:  RMB480
VIP Tables: RMB580 
Upstairs: RMB200 
Downstairs: RMB280 

Liyuan Theater

 Liyuan Theater, co-operated by Beijing Qianmen Hotel and Beijing Opera Theater, is the first Art Hall in Beijing. With performance hall set in the theater, the world-renowned Beijing Opera Troupe puts on performances with a strong lineup and large program varieties here every night. The audience can enjoy the performances while tasting snacks and Chinese tea. In the exhibition hall and exhibition hall for sale, the audience can skim through the brief history of the Chinese Beijing Opera and stage photos of famous artists of Beijing opera; pick out and buy stage costumes, facial make-ups, musical instruments, calligraphy and painting and audio and video products. If you are interested, you can put on the stage costume and wear facial make-ups to take a photo. This is the only venue specially provided for overseas tourists to enjoy Beijing opera in the mainland. 

No.175, Yong An Road, Xuanwu District    83157297

 Take Bus No.7 or 14 to get off at Hu Fang Qiao Station