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Hami Attraction

This was an important strategic place on the Silk Road, also known as Kunwu in ancient times. Hami is the eastern gate of Xinjiang and a convenient transport point. The Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and Highway run through it and buses also stop at all the counties.

Hami , a remote and magical city of China, impresses us a sensation of isolation and loneliness. Actually, Hami  is an active and beautiful paradise filling with dense color of western regions. There are thousands of tourists all over the world come to visit this magic and beautiful place every year. Traveling in Hami , you will deeply experience its peculiarity and beauty: local museum shows you the long development history of Hami ; Hami fruit garden leads you to enjoy tranquil rurality and taste fresh-sweet Hami Gua; Hami  Devil City impresses you the great strength of nature; while the ancient Tianshan Temple leaves you the trace of ancient Silk Road. Nowadays, traveling in Hami  has become the common dream of millions of people.

Hami King's Mausoleum
Situated in Shazaojing, Huicheng, a western suburb of the city, the Hami King's Mausoleum is the largest mosque in the area. The mausoleum is covered with green glazed and white patterned tiles. The vault is majestic and decorated with colorful paintings. Opposite the mausoleum is another large mosque, the ceiling of which is supported by 108 carved wooden pillars and the inside walls are painted with flower patterns with extracts from the Koran.

Balikun Lake 
Located in the Northwest of Hami's Northern Balikun County, this alpine lake is surrounded by a string of mountains. In the summer, herders, tents, and flocks surround the lake, forming a picturesque summer resort.

Singing Sand Mountain
Mingsha Mountain or translated as "Singing Sand Mountain" is another important scenic spot in Hami area, about 100 kilometers away from Hami city. It covers an area of 25 square kilometers at about 2,000 meters above sea level.

Beacon Tower on the Silk Road
Historically, Hami was an important part of the ancient Silk Road, and it is now the eastern gateway to Xinjiang, a rich oasis in the middle of a seemingly endless desert.

Tomb of Gaisi 
The Tomb of Gaisi is also called the "Tomb of the Saint" or "Green Tomb".
Some 1000 years ago, Gaisi was one of the three missionaries that Mohammad, the prophet of teh Muslims, sent to China at the invitation of Tang Emperor Lishimin. After their mission to meet the Emperor, Gaisi died on his way back. It was said that he was died at Xingxing Xia, a gorge at the sourtheast part of Hami City. Then people built a tomb for him there.

Mausoleum of Huiwang 
Also called the Tomb of Huiwang, the first King of Hami about 300 years ago, the mausoleum is located in the western suburb of Hami on an area of about 1 hectares.

Kumul Devil City is actually a Yadan landform which formed after long wind erosion to the nature. The Devil City takes a width of 5-10kilometers and a length about 400 kilometers from east Camel Peak to Wubao Shaer Lake, passing Yamansu iron mine and Dananhu coal mine

White Stone Scenic Area
 The tourist district is made up of pasture, virgin forest and holiday village. Among the green pasture and the dense pine forest, there is only a huge white stone like a sleeping ox.

Tianshan Temple, the only temple on Tianshan (60kilometers south of Kumul city), was built on a height of nearly 3000 meters. It was firstly built in Tang Dynasty, with a full name of Tianshan Temple of Lord Guan.

These landscapes are not far from Hami, so you can stay in the hotels in the city. And if you visit Balikun lake, you can also stay in the hotels in the nearby Balikun County.

There are no direct flights from Beijing to Hami, so you can fly to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, then take a train or a bus to Hami. If you take a train, Hami is the first stop in Xinjiang.

Plane ticket from Beijing to Urumqi: 4 hours, 2,400 RMB/330 US dollars, one way
Train ticket from Beijing to Urumqi: 40 hours, 600 RMB/ 80 US dollars, one way, hard sleeper
Train ticket from Urumqi to Hami: about 7 hours, 80 RMB/11 US dollars, one way

--Best Time to go:
It is better to visit Hami in August and September, when the weather is cool and local fruits are in season.

-- Around City    --

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