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Jiangsu Nanjing Harvard Golf Club

No.176 Zhen Zhu Str,Pukou District.Nanjing,Jiangsu ,China 210032
TEL: (025) 885 3333 
 025-83203288    tel:025-83203888

Zhongshan International Golf Villa, which address is 9 Huanling Road, Xuanwu District, is located in Northeast side of Purple Mountain scenic area----a class AAAA one. The Villa is about 15km or 20 minutes by drive to downtown Nanjing, the ring highway, which is by the villa’s eastside, is connected with Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, Nanjing-Hangzhou expressway and Lukou International Airport expressway, which means extremely traffic convenience.

The entire project covers area 3,671 acres, which includes 2,400 acres of golf course and 1,200 acres of the Villas and related facilities. The fairway has excellent design and the course is well mixed with the Purple Mountain. Meanwhile, the villas is distributed within vast but upraising golf courses and its landscape is interconnected each other with dense forests, which guarantee the privacy of the villas completely.

As a top class golf project in China, Zhongshan International Golf Club has a strong and extraordinary designing team behind it. Every single member of the team is a leader in its industry. General Planner and Designer EDSA is the only appointed landscaping consultant company by each of the past American president and an acknowledged global leader of the Planning/Designing industry; our landscaping designer, Belt Collins, is among the top 5 environment designing firms; General designer, Mr. Gary Player, a grand slam golf legend as well as a eminent designer, is one of the 3 best golf course designers and a pioneer of the American planning and designing industry. There has never been such a case like us as some so many international level masters work mutually toward one project.

Our course sets along with luxury clubhouse, which is mainly for Zhongshan International Golf Club members’ use, includes services such as dressing/changing, bathing/showering, lunching/dining. The nearby Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Hotel, a top hotel in Nanjing, is managed by Europe’s No.1 hotel brand, Accor Sofitel. The designing of the hotel is in accordance with the top level and top quality of the Golf Club and is identified as a high rated business, vacationing and recreational hotel.

The construction area of the hotel is about 40,000 m2 includes 138 suits of luxury guest rooms and 45m2 of standard. Each guest room, which is clearly different from other hotels’ styles in Nanjing, has its own unique feature and artistic design which are well-combined with golf club sceneries. The conference center contains one 1500m2, multi-function hall with a height of10m and many other different sizes of conference/banquet halls which capacities range from 20-200 persons. The clubhouse has various entertainment facilities, indoor swimming pools, warm spring baths, sauna massage rooms, tennis courts, gymnasiums, rackets, card/chess rooms, etc.

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