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Shantou Queshi Bridge

Located in the western urban Shantou in Guangdong Province, from State Road 324 South-Shantou Highway, across Shantou Harbor, the North and the National Road 206 line connections, is the completion of the eastern part of the Shantou City after the Bay Bridge construction of the second bridge at large, the total budget for RMB 1.25 billion, the total length of the bridge is 2865 bridge meters, including Interchange full-bridge, bridge approach ramp, the total extension of the approaches for the 5,976 meters meters. The entire six-lane bridge, people on both sides of additional sightseeing trip Road, Bridge of 30.5 meters wide. The Tata stands 148 meters, the main bridge main span 518 meters, the navigable clear height 38 m, 20,000-ton transport ship. Main Bridge strand cable-stayed bridge and steel box girder beam mixed with the PC beam structure, as China's first, advanced technologies, the magnificent bridge was completed in December 1998. Queshi Bridge will be the completion of a cross-sea bridge and Gulf Link Transport to the promotion and improvement of the investment environment and Shantou City economic development play a major role.

Que Shi Bridge that

Project start: 2003
Completion: 2008
Bridge length: 36km
Connection highway length (both end): 84.4km
Width: two-way 6 lanes
Design speed: 100km/h
Cost: 16 billion RMB (2billion usd)

Some renderings:

"S" shape    Rendering   Bridge approach rendering    Rendering
Giant two-level platform, used for rest and vista area, 150m outside bridge, size of two football court

Que Shi Bridge that is about nine kilometers west of the Shantou Gulf Bridge. The bridge measures about 3,500 meters (two miles) long and 30 meters (0.02 miles) wide. It links up the southern and northern city and makes it easier to go around the harbor. There are walk ways especially built for sight-seeing on both sides of the bridge, where you can appreciate an amazing picture of blue sea, green hills, ancient pavilions and modern high-rise buildings.