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the Erdaoqiao Bazaar

The Erdaoqiao Market is one of the best starting points for visitors sightseeing in Xinjiang. On the first floor under the Erdaoqiao Market is the Erdaoqiao Imported Commodity Street where one can buy genuine imported products from all around the world. The international market houses an eclectic mixture of goods such as woodcarvings from Russia, bronze ornaments made in Pakistan, silverware imported from the United Arab Emirates, perfumes out of India, and carpets from Turkey.

All of the commodities are authentic representations of the countries they are from and many are invaluable for tourists unable to actually visit so many global spots. Alongside the international goods are products manufactured by the minority nationalities of Xinjiang. These are located on the first, second and third floors of the Erdaoqiao Market. Local treasures include exquisite playing instruments, mutton-tallow products, Hotan jade, colorful national tapestries and hand-done embroidery.

The centralization of all these products from Xinjiang is convenient and allows the buyer to criss-cross the province without leaving the market. The Erdaoqiao Market was established during the Xuantong Period of the Qing Dynasty (circa 1910). It has become famous for its indigenous flavor, flourishing trade, and as a convenient access point for all modes of transportation. It has become an important trade center for foreign and domestic businessmen in western China.