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Kunming Attractions

Kunming serves not only as the provincial center of Yunnan but also as the destination for its snowballing tourism with so many places of interest spread all around the city.

Like Guilin, the capital of Guangxi Province, Kunming is also well known for its beautiful and peculiar, breathtaking and unique natural landscape. Among these dramatic sites, Yunnan Stone Forest , which is about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Kunming city and requires only a three-hour drive, is known best by the tourists. These magnificent stone masterpieces, various strange and steep intricate formations, and countless labyrinthine vistas make Stone Forest (Shi Lin in Chinese) worthy of the fame as the 'First Wonder of the World'. And there goes a local saying: 'It is a waste of time without being in the Stone Forest while visiting Kunming'.

Dianchi Lake, the largest lake of Kunming, enchants people with its cyan water and peaceful environment. It is a favorite with those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

A visit to the Golden Temple is strongly recommended. It is the largest copper temple in China. Here you can see something of the origins of Taoism as the temple is located on Fengming Hill, the home of the Taoist Taihe Palace (Hall of Supreme Harmony).

The famous Buddhist Qiongzhu Temple (Bamboo Temple) with its most outstanding artistic features and surrounding bamboo forest should be included in your itinerary.

The famous '99 International Horticultural Exposition enhanced Kunming's reputation world-wide. In the Expo Garden, you can appreciate the perfect harmony of man and nature.

The spectacular view across Dianchi Lake from the vantage point of West Hills is another enjoyable experience for visitors to Kunming.

In addition to these sites, there are other attractions such as Daguan Park , Black Dragon Pool , and Yuantong Temple These are all well worth a visit if you have the time available.

Around Kunming
Bamei VillageBamei Village is like a Peach Blossom Valley isolated from the hustle and bustle of the ordinary world.

 Sightseeing List

China  Kunming Travel Guide   

                    • Jiuxiang Scenic Resort
                       Jiuxiang Scenic Spot is 20 sq km in area and includes 5 tourist attractions, Diehong Bridge (5 km southeast from Jiuxiang Street, famous for the karst caves, the twin waterfalls and the huge natural stone dam cluster), Dasha Dam (consisting of picturesque karst caves and thick forest), -  
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                    • Yuantong Temple
                      he Yuantong Temple is at the foot of Luofeng Hill in the northern part of the city. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming, where the Yunnan Provincial and city's Buddhism Commissions are based. The temple was built during the Tang Dynasty, with a history spanning over 1,200 years. During the M.. 

                    Dongchuan Red Soil
                    Summary Luoxiagou, or Luoxia Valley at Dongchuan Red Land near Kunming is considered to be the most magnificent red land in the world besides the red land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with its beauty more sublime than that in Brazil. It is the most massive red land with typical features of Yunnan ---Read More

                    • The Green Lake Park
                      The Green Lake Park in Kunming City is a very popular park among local residents. Since 1985, the seagulls from Siberia have been spending the winter months on Green Lake. The spectacular scenery of flocks of birds repeats year after year. Overview The Green Lake Park, situated at the western foot of .
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                    • Black Dragon Pool
                      The Black Dragon Pool is located 12 kilometers northeast of the city. It first became a popular tourist attraction over 700 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. The area contains many attractions alongside the main tourist draw, the Black Dragon Pool itself. The Black Dragon Pool was named after a legend stati
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                      Horticulture Expo Garden

                      The World Horticulture Expo Garden is 218 hectares in area, 2.5 km in length, and 1.1 km in width. In the garden you can find 5 big exhibition halls (China Hall, the Man and Nature Hall, the Green House, the Science and Technology Hall, and the International Hall), 6 theme gardens (the Tree Garden, Read More

                    • Daguan Park   
                      Grandview Park, alos named as Daguan Park in Chinese,  is located at the terminus of Daguan Road and is 6 km from the city center, near Dianchi Lake and facing Taihua Mountain which is on the other side of Dianchi Lake. The Park Scenic Area includes the three-storied Grand View Pavilion, which prov.
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                    • West Hills
                      West Hill is at the west suburb some 15 kilometers from the city proper. It contains the Huating Hill, Taihua Hill and Luohan Hill, extending a distance of more than 40 kilometers at an altitude of between 1900 meters to 2350 meters above sea level. Legend goes that at ancient time locals mistook a phoenix f..
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                            • Flowers and Birds Market  
                               Beautiful blossoms and delicate plant crafts lure the visitor. Hundreds of flowers, including orchids, camellias, lilies, roses, and tulips bloom in profusion. You can buy loose flowers, made-up boutiques, or potted flowers as well as various styles of vases there. You'll hear continuous bird song from parrots, mynahs, thrushes, and cuckoos, most of which are for sale. The fishes are mainly tropical -- small and brightly colored for home aquariums.  
                            • Yunnan Ethnic Villages
                              This theme park displays the colorful folklore and architecture of 25 ethnic groups residing in Yunnan Province. The theme park offers shows and performances, folklore and wax museums, as well as replica buildings found in the villages of each ethnic group. The Yunnan Nationalities Village is located at a nar...  -----    Read More >> 


                            China Kunming  Golf Tours        More
                            Spring City Golf & Lake Resort
                            Spring City Golf and Lake Resort, a premier integrated golf resort in Kunming, comprises luxury villas and two championship golf courses - the Mountain Course designed by Jack Nicklaus and the Lake Course by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Both courses have received numerous international accolades since they were completed in 1998.  ----
                                Kunming Country Golf Club
                                  Kunming Country Golf Club, This 18 holes, 7,000 yards, par 72-championship course, designed by the famous designer Mr. Les Watts from Australia, covers an area of over 1300 mu in Luoyang, chenggong county.The turf Putter on the green and turf Bermuda 419 on the fairway make the curse evergreen and achieve the international standard. 
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                          • Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort
                          • Kunming sky Oasis Golf Resort lying 97KM to Kunming city, in XunDian County. 2 hours away to the city proper. The golf course belongs to one of the tourism projects of this area. The Lake view courseⅠhas opened in September 2009.---- Read More >>
                          • Kunming Meadow Lake Golf Course
                            Kunming Meadow Lake Golf Course located in the Northeast of Kunming city ,30 minutes to the center and only 8 KM away from the new Kunming Airport. The unique character of the course challenges and entertains in order to meet all kinds of requirements from different levels of players..---- Read More >>
                          • Kunming Sunshine Golf Club
                            Kunming SunShine Golf Club is an 18-hole Par 72 Championship mountain golf course. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr , Situated in heavily pine wooded valleys that lend to its spectacular natural environment. ---- Read More >>
                          • Kunming Wanda Golf Club Kunming Wanda Golf Club located in Dianchi National Tourism Zone,and is west to the Western Mountain, south to the Dianchi Lake .This newly
                            renovated 6638yards, par 72 golf course was originally designed by LCW from AustraliaThe 9800 square meters clubhouse feature some of the ---
                          • Stoneforest International Country Club
                            The Stoneforest International Country Club is a comprehensive leisure cluster that integrates sports, races, health preservation, culture, entertainments, delicacies, businesses, exhibitions and accommodation into one and also the first full membership golf club in southwest China.  .---- Read More >>
                          • Kunming Lakeview Golf Club (Mountain course) Lakeview Golf Club Kunming has spectacular views of the famous xishan mountain, which has significant cultural importance in Chinese history, and the 300km2 Dianchi Lake the 6th largest lake in China, renowned for being the migratory resting grounds of the siberian Red Beaked Gull and home to .---- Read More >>
                          • Popular Attractions In Yunna                        More

                            The Water Splashing Festival 

                             The Water Splashing Festival is the grandest ceremonial occasion for the Dai, the De'ang and the Achang nationalities who believe in Theravada Buddhism. It is also---

                            Lijiang Ancient Town
                            The ancient city of Lijiang is found in Dayan Town, a largely Naxi settlement first built during the Southern Song Dynasty some eight centuries ago---

                            Meili Snow Mountain 
                            Known for the grandest view in Yunnan Province, Meili Snow Mountain boasts numerous snow-clad ridges and peaks.
                            This holy scene is described in a book named The Lost Horizon
                            . ---

                            Dali Ancient City  
                            Overview The ancient city of Dali is one of Yunnan's most popular tourist destinations. It has historic sites, ancient buildings and temples, nearby beautiful Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, ---