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Chinese Food Guide (5)

What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing ?  Well, for the most part, its nothing like the Chinese food you've come to expect in your local Chinese take-out back home.  This is the real deal.  However, most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years.  To help you out, we've prepared this handy guide for your convenience.  You can memorize the pronunciation using our audio clips, or just print out, cut into pieces and hand to your waiter.

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  hua1 juanr3  
   steamed rolls

   tang2 cu4 yu2 
   sweet & sour fish
   Liang3 ren2 yi4 zhuo1. 
   Table for two.
   tea Chinese Tea Culture
   Zhei4 ge4 cai4 zhen1 hao3 chi1. 
   This is a good dish.
   Tian1 Jin1 bao1 zi 
   Tianjin Steamed Dumpling
   Chang2 yi4 chang2 zhei4 ge4.  
   Try this.
   su4 cai4 
   vegetarian dishes
   xi1 gua1 
   water melon
   Shen2 me wei4 dao4? 
   What does it taste like?
   yang2 zhou1 mian4 
   Yang Chow noodle
   hun2 tun1 
   bai2 zhan3 ji1 
   white sorteed chicken
   pu2 tao2 jiu3 
   Xi3 shou3 jian1 zai4 na3?
   Where is the bathroom?

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