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Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort lies in the due south of Miyun County, 62 km from Siyuan Bridge, Beijing. It occupies a total area of more than 4000 mu. As a resort of four seasons, it offers such tourist activities as skiing, water skiing, grass skiing, sliding and gliding. In the picturesque resort, visitors are offered skiing in the winter, hiking in the spring, swimming in the summer and fruit-picking in the autumn. Suitable for all seasons, these activities focus on sports while giving consideration to sightseeing at the same time. Mobility is perfectly blended with tranquility here.

This skiing resort is the largest of its kind in North China with the most advanced facilities. At present this skiing resort boasts of 12 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, NOKIA NANSHAN MELLOW PARK  (and the first snowboarding park)  which is designed and built by Mellow construction Austria (famous for roxy chicken jam, redbull off rails, etc.), there're 5 kicker (style roller), halfpipe, 7 rails (rainbow, s-box, a-bo---), wallride; as well as the China first Mogul's advanced trail, the children's snowmobile route. It is equipped with a hi-tech snowmaking system and 12 snowmaking machines, 2 snow groomers introduced from Austria, a quadruple chair lift, a double chair lift, 11 beginners' drag lifts, and a seasons toboggan run (with 1,318 meter-long) from Germany. There are also the snow amusement such as the Cable Hang-glider, snow sledges from Canada, etc.

The skiing school at the resort boasts of more than 70 excellent instructors. The snowboard school introduced the LTR system from Burton, USA. The cooperation partner of Austria Snowboard Association (ASA)---Austria-China Snowboard Educational Institution has established Nanshan International Snowboarding School led by international skiing instructor from Austria.

Shirton Villas are the most romantic residence in the ski resort, located nearby the Rimbaud Pond, there are totaled 24 double rooms all equipped with fireplace. Near the mountain, two Norwegian Villas with living room, terrace, tiger window and kitchen, are the best choice for family.

At the mountainside, Terrace Restaurant & pub supplies the western food, coffee and beer, Nanshan Restaurant, Dahuatang Chinese northeasten style restaurant,, the Hot Snack Bar supply the Chinese food and snack. On the top of mountain, the Lavender's Mini Tea Bar supplies tea and coffee.

With the total construction area of 6000 square meters, the two Ski Rental Hall for group and individual have more than 5000 sets of skiing equipment. Nanshan VIP Skiing Club -----the first one with a separate lodging house in the country ------ is located in the resort and easy ski out/ski in access is provided from the top of the lodging house to the skiing terrain. From the cafeteria with French windows made of glass, one can look far into the snow-capped mountains. The Club offers a unique leisure and recreation experience in winter days.

Nanshan Ski Resort is operated and managed by domestic and international professionals with extensive experience in tourism and skiing. They are the first in the country who introduced color classification codes for trails and markers up to international standard, offering a safe and comfortable service to skiing-lovers.

Open hour: 8:00am-5:30pm
Address: Sheng Shuitou Village, He Nanzhai Town, Miyun County, Beijing, China
Tel: 010-89091909


The Restaurants distributing at the mountainside are colorful, which supplies the western food, coffee and beers. The Tennace restaurant along the slide-way offers Italian Pizza, fried Steak, beer and so on. Nanshan Restaurant, Dahuatang Chinese northeasten style restaurant,, the Hot Snack Bar supply the Chinese food and snack. On the top of mountain, the Lavender's Mini Tea Bar supplies tea and coffee.

Accommodation Directory
Shirton Inn
A frame house with the Alps style offers 24 standard rooms preparing photoelectricity fireplace, warm and romantic.
Norway Villa
Norway Villa provides comfortable places for your skee resort. Every villa offers six bedrooms accompanied living room, tiger window, fireplace, as well as kitchen.


1 Jingcheng Highway - Exit 15, Shunmi Road - Nanshan Ski Resort
2 Airport Highway - Airport North Line - Exit Pinggu - turn lift after Chaobai River - Shunmi Road - Nanshan Ski Resort
3 Jingshu Road - Kulijshu Traffic Circle - Kaifang Traffic Circle - Jingmi Fast Lane - Turn right at West Bridge - Nanshan Ski Resort
4 Take Bus No.980, the Dongmi Special Railway line, stop at West Bridge, take taxi to Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Resort Rack Rate Unit: RMB
4 Hour 140 200 240 Price includes: boots, skis, conveyor, lift and ground fees.
1 Day 220 360 390
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