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Carrefour in beijing

When you need to replenish household goods, Carrefour is the place to go as there seems to be nothing that you cannot find here. This French-owned supermarket giant, which has a number of outlets in Beijing, stocks everything from groceries, alcohol, and canned goods, household items, toiletries and cosmetics to clothing, shoes, electrical appliances, plants, computers and white goods such as fridges, stoves and water and purifiers.  You' ll pay more for most items than you would at a Chinese supermarket, however, the variety at Carrefour is unbeatable.  The store carries both local and foreign brands.   

You can order groceries online and delivery is free if you spend RMB 500 or more.
Try to avoid going over weekends as the crowds can make the shopping experience a bit stressful. 
Category: Super market
Commodity category: Home
Recommended Commodities: kinds of daily necessities
Pricing Category: Middle level
Payment: Cash&Credit Card
Opening Hours: 08:00am-10:00pm