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Miyaluo Scenic Area

263 kilometers away from Chengdu, the Miyaluo scenic spot is o­ne of the biggest areas with red leaves, located in the Lixian County, Aba Prefecture. Miyaluo is famous of its red leaves and autumn is the most beautiful season of it. Every October, Miyaluo is crowded with tourists to enjoys its leaves and beautiful scenery. the Miyaluo scenic area is o­ne of the country's biggest areas known for a seasonal display of striking red leaves.

The temperature of spring in Jiuzhaigou is low and changes frequently. The average temperature of January is 9 to 18 degree centigrade. The average temperature of summer is 19 to 22 degree centigrade but it is rain season in July and August, so the umbrella should be prepared. In the Autumn the weather is cool and dry and pleasant, but the difference in temperature between day and night is very huge. And the suitable time for travelling is the end of spring to the start of Autumn, and September and October are the best.

With a temperate climate, the Miyaluo scenic area is a famous place where tourists can enjoy the coolness in summer.Septemper to November is the best time for watching the red leaf

Red leaf area: Snow Mountain, bubbling hot springs, flowing waterfalls, bright autumn colors and local Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minority cultures – all this still can't fully depict the beauty of Miyaluo. The charm of the Miyaluo autumn is the 'yin' coming full swing from the bursting 'yang' of its spring season. An expedition to Miyaluo in springtime to discover the verdant mountains and blossoming peach orchards can feel like a fairyland visit – as the legend indicates – to "a utopia where the peach woods are in full blossom". Miyaluo may be the most famous place for leaves appreciation and autumn is the most beautiful season there.
Taoping qiang village: About 170 kilometers west of Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu stands Taoping Village, home to the nomadic Qiang ethnic minority. Built in 111 BC, this ancient village has weathered 2,000 years of battles and besiegement.
On a nearby mountain slope stand two nine-story hexahedral blockhouses, or diaolou, in whose construction mathematics and geometry were obviously used. Despite their 30-meter height, they have survived erosion as well as frequent earthquakes.

The Qiang build their homes from stone, timber and mud, judging all measurements by eye, rather than using a design or plan, yet all buildings stand firm, straight and long. Although modest, Qiang dwellings are tastefully decorated with paintings and ceramic handicrafts. The average home has five stories and a narrow wooden staircase. Livestock is kept o­n the first floor, and the living room, bedrooms and kitchen are o­n the second. The third floor has more bedrooms and is used for storage. Grains are dried o­n the fourth floor and the fifth is a place of worship where white stones are arranged upon which to offer sacrifices.
The living room o­n the second floor has a wooden floor, and several wooden pillars support the roof. It is the appointed place for a shrine holding family idols or ancestral tablets. The focal point of the living room is the fireplace, made from stone slabs, where a fire burns the whole year round. o­n it stands a metal tripod flanked by steel woks and copper pots. Qiang families enjoy sitting around it, sipping wine in pleasant anticipation of typical meals, usually consisting of noodles, potatoes, tomatoes and green vegetables cooked over the crackling wood fire
Guer valley hot spring: There is also a famous Gu'ergou Hot Spring with the temperature of 40-60 degrees centigrade. The water contains many micro-elements helpful for people's health.
With its famous natural warm spring, the interesting customs of Tibetan people and Qiang people and lots of ancient relics, Miyaluo becomes another beautiful star in the Aba minority autonomous region. In late autumn,the Miyaluo vally is filled with beautiful red leaves and the spot presents a spectacular sight full of interests together with the simpeand unsophistuzted ancient style Tibetan dwelling house hidden in the mountains and the warm hot spring water flowing the Guer Gully.

You can take a bus to Miyaluo at Chengdu west gate bus station or Chadianzi station, the journey is about 260 km. It takes you 6 hours and 40 yuan. Or you can spend 300 yuan to rent a bus to the scenic area.
There are not buses from Jiuzhaigou to Miyaluo, so you had to rent a car for travelling. The cost is about 300 to 400 yuan.
Miyaluo scenic area fee and opening hour
Ticket : Miyaluo :30 yuan, Taopingqiang village: 60 yuan, Guer gully hot spring: 50 yuan
Opening hour: unknown

1.Jiuzhaigou is in the high elevation area, you had better not do strenuous exercises and drink much wine, please eat more vegetables and fruits , guard against the altitude reacrion.
2.It is not suitable for o­ne who has hypertension, coronary disease, heart disease to travel there. You may prepare some medicine such as: berberine, Liushen pill, Rendan, Chuangketie, stomach drug etc.
3.In the scenic area, the sunshine is stong ,so the ultraviolet rays are. Please wear a sun hat, embrocate the suntan oil to protect your skin.
4.The temperature range between day and night is big, please carry the rain gear and enough clothing.
5.Cherish the grassland and trees in the scenic area, pay attention to the environmental protection of the area.
6.The responsibility of fire protection is significant in the forest, smoking is forbidded during the whole Jiuzhaigou line besides the Ruorilang center.
7 The temperature at Miyaluo Scenic Resort is a little lower, and it has distinct plateau features. So visitors should pay more attention to be aware of the strong sunshine at daytime, and keep warm at nights. 2)Gu’ergou Hot Spring concentrates the functions of shower, drinking, and curing. The water temperature here is 40℃ to 60℃. There are over 20 kinds of mineral formations, and a little radon. The spring has good effects on rheumarthritis, gallstone, diseases of digestive system, skin diseases, etc. 3)The weather at Miyaluo is pleasing. It has distinct features of plateau. The mean temperature in winter is below 3℃. The temperature in July and August is about 15℃. It is a good place for cooling in summer.


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