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Tree is groove  of  Jiuzhaigou scenery

Ditch landscape tree
is Cluster tree is scenic Jiuzhaigou scenic area is the sea gate. Tree is base length of 13.8 kilometers deep, there were a variety of lakes (Hai Zi) more than 40 months, accounting for all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou scenic area 40%. More than 40 lakes, as if more than 40 crystal surface of Hokyo, cis-fold extension of trench five or six kilometers. Shuiguang prettily Yan, rippling blue waves, bird song, reeds shaking Yi ... ... bonsai sea. Reed sea. Sparks sea Wolong sea. Tree is waterfalls. Tiger sea ... amazing ... all the way, all the way scenery, clear water along the way Yao Chi.

A. Mizoguchi
This is the first stop into the ditch, Jiuzhaigou Valley Authority, the Jiuzhaigou bus stops are located here. Here you need to buy tickets and sightseeing tickets. Then enter the car in this Jiuzhaigou. Note that the peak season here, has long ranked in a long queue waiting for tickets, if you do not want to waste time on tickets, please get out of bed a little earlier.
Mizoguchi altitude of 2040 meters, is the door to Jiuzhaigou scenic spot. Relatively low-lying topography, Mizoguchi outside a torrent over. Mizoguchi tickets by entering the door, there is a five-kilometer-long asphalt road, accompanied by a rush of the rapids Mizoguchi, through lotus leaf chai.

B. Heye Walled 
nine Tibetan villages in the largest one, built a Tibetan-style hotel, known in the field, landscape, autumn especially charming. Crossing has a hundred years old pines, vigorous upright, was named as welcoming pine.

C. Bonsai Beach 
over lotus leaf zhaiqian OK, we came to a shoal. Shoal covered with poplar, rhododendron, pine and cypress, willow, water flows through the forest at the beach, beaches in the trees grace elegant, strange things, water color Biying, such as jade flower pots, the whole landscape like a huge bonsai, bonsai beaches of name the resulting. In the past, visitors can tread water for the next beach, 1992, for the protection of natural scenic spots, Jiuzhaigou and the Authority has banned tourists tread water for the next beach.

D. Reed Sea 
into Jiuzhaigou Haizi after the first one is the reed sea, and have a bonsai will be able to see the beach. 2.2 km length of the reed sea, is a form of semi-marsh lake, sea reed profusion, a surge of water color green, a transparent crystal clear stream into the film from the reed in Wanting flow. Spring and summer season, a clean reeds the same color you see waves of green; autumn and winter time when the same color golden reeds, such as an emerald on a gold plate, people were shocked, and even Mother Nature could not believe such a strong color contrast can escape.

E. Ssangyong Ssangyong 
sea the sea reed sea, sparks under the sea Diebao group through the crystal clear blue lake, can see the sea there are two bio-tufa reef breakwater, as hidden in the seabed 2 dragon, pride and wind at any time to the sky, flying into the sky.

F. sparks sparks sea
Ssangyong sea and the sea is located in the Wolong sea between the blue color of the water, waves as flat as a mirror. Haizi is surrounded by a dense forest, lakes set off the green into heavy, like a crystal clear emerald. When the early morning mist dispersed, according to the early dawn when the lake because of the refraction of sunlight role, flashing out stemmed spark.

G. Wolong Wolong Hai 
slim, sleek sea-blue lakes, a typical representative of very thick blue intoxicating Xintian. The lake water waves of fashion, quiet and serenity, like a smooth, crystal clear sapphire, caught sight of visitors.
According to legend, in ancient times, near the Black Dragon Song Da every year people dedicated to 99 days Fang Cai Jiuzhai precipitation. Bailong Bailong sympathetic people, want to send Jiuzhai Bailongjiang water, Black Dragon has been obstructed two Lung fighting, White Dragon tired sank the lake, mountains of the Black Dragon God came surrendered. White Dragon, however, unable to return to Bailongjiang, the course of time it turns into a long-lying lake in a Huanglong. Remembered it, called the sea "Wolong sea."

Hai Zi four weeks covered with colored flowers and trees, a green spring and summer seasons. Autumn from time to time, full embankment autumn, autumn leaves reflection in the lake among the green trees, beautiful.
Wolong yellow submarine has a milk of calcium carbonate sediments, shape like a dragon Shen lying in the water, life-like. The lake is calm, through the clear lake water, Wolong like sleeping under water, and let people enjoy; breeze on the lake, ripples appearing, the dragon body seems to slowly creep; slightly stronger winds, the lake undulating waves like Wolong Chad has been awakened Yaotoubaiwei; if the strong mountain breeze, a calm lake moment broken, Shashi Wolong will disappear without a trace.

H. cluster tree is the sea 
tree is the sea by the two groups, 30 showed the size of Hai Zi terrace-like clusters formed, stretching before and after a few years, nearly 100 meters height difference from top to bottom. Cypress, pine, fir and other trees and clouds in lakes around the green. Water from the upstream embankment and turned over, in the woods wearing a stream, falling in the next layer of the surface of the sea Diebao, sparking silver spray, noise downstream of the straight away. This round after round of Diepu sea tree is strung with the rapids each Haizi, dynamic and static intervals. Base level of the sea is not only structured, the color is also a structured, the green trees were green, blue and sea-blue too thick, very light gray Diepu and water, especially those in the sets of blue-green color is most touching.

Among the group of the sea, a long trestle across the shallows by. Visitors stroll on the pier above the leisurely enjoy those shallow rapids and group on the sea. Trestle next to a Tibetan flavor is full of the mills, mill next to a turn through the room, turning the room under the wooden wheel in the whitewater driven rotation, devout Tibetans often come to worship chanting, Raozhuan walk through the room by turning the .
Haizi, shoal, edge bridge, waterfalls, mills, and turning the room, being together, "small bridge, flowing water, people" in the mood, constitutes a quiet simplicity of the field screen.

I. tree is waterfall waterfall
tree is the upper reaches of the sea in the tree is the crowded cluster tree is zhaiqian Highway. Waterfall width 62 meters, 15 meters high, is the first one into the ditch to see the waterfall, four waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou is the smallest one. Although the smallest, but it also allows people the beginning of soul-stirring tour Jiuzhaigou.

The upper reaches of the lake along the shallows 4 Controlled flooding, was divided into numerous trees, the water currents, the tree is finally brought together the top of the waterfall cliff, torrents fall, mist filled the form vivid and elegant, bearing grace a curtain.
Waterfall drop, the flow Wang Zuoce merged into a surging rapids. Surging whitecaps jumped straight into the downstream of the mill pour away, and constantly promote the downstream mill and turning the room wooden wheel.

J. tree is Walled Walled yes Jiuzhaigou
tree is the most significant center of lodging, from the small square zhaiqian to the road following the river valley group of the sea lingers on the cluster of tourists everywhere. Standing tree is zhaiqian overlooking the valley, you can see, such as jade string beads like a tree is the sea base. Spending the Night in Walled hotel in the tree is, like live in a landscape painting.
Tree is Zhaizhong, four are filled with Tibetan style hotel. Zhaiqian have a golden pagoda is a place where Tibetans worship chanting. Walled adorns the inside of the streamer with Tibetan characteristics.

Tree is behind the Village, there is an elevation of 4200 meters high mountain, which is the most admired Jiuzhaigou Tibetan men Kamiyama Kamiyama Diego. In Jiuzhaigou people's minds, tree is groove Diego Kamiyama and Japanese men are ugly woman of color women ditch Kamiyama is the most authoritative of the gods, worshiped by Tibetans as the Jiuzhaigou. D'M Kamiyama Jiuzhaigou is located in the northwest, and the other color ugly woman goddess Mountain is located in the southeast side of two mountains distant relative.

Legend Diego, Jiuzhaigou color ugly woman this is a pair of lovers. Year, the Snow King destroyed the forests and lakes of Jiuzhaigou. D'made to the snow-capped mountains looking for green sea of emerald mountains. Snow King secretly gave him drink magic potion to make him forget the color ugly woman, fell in love with the mountain king's daughter, Princess Snow treasure. Color ugly woman's tears call him, has also moved the Princess. Princess to help them find the green gem, Jiuzhaigou to resume the previously beautiful. Snow King to come to revenge, Diego and emerald color ugly woman swallowed into two high mountains, blocking the mountain king attack. Kamiyama from this couple, co-guardian of the forest Haizi Jiuzhaigou, making a long stay in Jiuzhaigou beauty of mountains and rivers of the earth. People to thank D'color ugly woman with a year apart from during the regular worship of Mt things, married, festivals or disasters, we need to burn incense and worship, to pray for good luck.

K. rhino Sea
Walled up to leave the tree is OK, we can see a length of about 2 km, water depth 18 meters, 2,400 meters above sea level Haizi. This is the tree is the largest Haizi rhino sea trench. Rhino the southern end of the sea there is a pier leading to the other side.
Rhino sea change in scenery in Jiuzhaigou, one of the most Haizi, its reflection of the sea is almost the highest in public. Every morning when the mist misty cloud reflection, but also magic is also true, bark Where is the day where the sea water. The Coleus is also surrounded by beautiful Lake scene Yan crown Kwan Fong.
Rhino waters of the open, north shore at the end of a greener reed, the export of both the south bank of the woods, another silver waterfall, the middle of a large blue lake was intoxicating. This is a sea rhinoceros sights, allowing visitors linger afternoon a memorable one.

Rhino also continued upward departure, after a long journey after they reach the tree is the end of the ditch, Jiuzhaigou rallying point for the largest visitors - Snow Day Long House. From the Connaught Nichiro turn right in front of the ditch to go that day, the left front of the walk is Zechawagou.


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