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Japan and the groove of Jiuzhaigou scenery

On the ditch landscape 
on the length of 18 km trench landscape, in the Novo Nichiro between the waterfalls and virgin forests, is the essence of Jiuzhaigou scenic part of the line. Hauntingly beautiful and changeable.
Scenic tour on the trench line, generally take the coach to the jungle, then on foot down, and finally to mirror the sea.

A. Snow Day Long Falls
Snow Day Long waterfall drops 20 meters wide and 300 meters, is the many waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou one of the most spacious. Falls at the top of formation, such as Taiwan, Sino-Tibetan Sino Nichiro means god, but also the meaning of Wei-tall, it means Novo Nichiro Falls magnificent waterfall. Rushing water from the sea from Novo Nichiro group, after shedding the top of the waterfall, such as the Milky Way Fei Xie, sonic booms Valley. The southern tip of water potential vast, cold pressing, Tengqi Mist mist. Under the morning sun is shining, often can see a rainbow, Wang Tao hanging valley, makes this an even more Fengzi charming waterfalls.
Waterfall built a viewing platform opposite, standing on the stage, panoramic views waterfall, autumn, waterfall 300 meters Fei Liu in the Autumn, the backdrop of clouds and turned it into a scene magnificent picture.

B Snow Day Long Hai Group
Novo Group on Long Hai is located downstream of the sea mirrors, then the ditch on the endpoint, composed by 18. The sea water from the mirror down to the sea dike and Vietnam, lost colony formation cascade waterfall valley, and then through the bottom of ridge segmentation. Formed a group of attractive charm of the sea. Snow Day Long base water color blue, and Chuan Lin out of the Diepu so colorful group of the sea.

C. Mirror Sea Pearl Beach 
left along the road down mountains, there is a wide incomparable valley. Valley open, thorn, in the middle ray of springs meandering glide, the flow downstream of the mirror sea. Side of the river there are several families of small residential areas, such as the Shangri-la. Tall and straight on both sides of the valley is the majestic mountains, autumn comes, Autumn dyed forest, as if there is a magical brush, to indulge in crimson, pink, dark purple, dark green, green, light yellow smear in the mountains.
Mirror in the lonely valley of the lower reaches of the sea adjacent to the lake was long and narrow shape, about one kilometer, surrounded by the trees. The other side, like a huge mountain bi stone wall. On the right is the mirror downstream of the sea, close to Connaught Nichiro group of the sea; the left side of the sea is a mirror upstream of the sea valley converge with the mirror. Mirror reflection of the sea dominated Jiuzhaigou. It's like a mirror, the water of the scene without distortion copied to water down. To visit Jiuzhaigou guests, everyone as a mirror reflection of the vivid and amazing sea.

D. Pearl Beach, Pearl Beach Waterfall Waterfall 
wide and 200 meters, and drop up to 40 meters, gas heat extraordinary, magnificent. Waterfall rushed into the corner and roar like thunder, roll 1000 heap spray east bolted away. This Bi-Jiang-Tao Rapids water color white, is the most beautiful Jiuzhaigou all the rapids in the water color, water potential of the most vigorous, the largest section of the water sound. Rapids on the left Plank Road, is viewing this as the best point of Jasper mad flow.
Stepping on Plank Road, in the rapids, accompanied by continued eastbound, they arrive at a beach east of pearl. Beach slope of the ramp here, bigger and more rugged beach side, whitewater jumping, something more spectacular.

E. Pearl Beach 
mountains along the highway all the way down the left sooner or later, a steep, brush covered with a variety of shallows. Shoal full of potholes along the slope down the rapids in the holes in the impact, splashes of numerous Duo spray, in the sunlight, the little bit of floating down the water droplets like pearls, pearl beach in the name of the resulting.
Pearl Beach, there is a trestle across the trestle bridge and the south side of the water beach covered with shrubs, whitewater from the bridge after the adoption, in the shallows on the north side provoked a string, a piece of pearls rolling jumps. Rapid rapids on this piece of the width of the ramp about 160 meters beach 200 meters ahead on the ramp to the beach 200 meters ahead on the ramp to the cliff at the end of the beach, the endless torrent out of the cliff fell into the ravine, forming a majestic Pearl Beach, the spectacular waterfall.

F. Wu Huahai
The "Jiuzhaigou a must" and "Jiuzhai elite" reputation of the Wu Huahai, located on the upstream end of the trench Kongquehe.
You Lin Plank Road along the way downhill away, crossing You Lin, Wu Huahai soon arrive. Wu Huahai around the west side, there is a Plank Road is the perfect point to enjoy Shuiguang Autumn. Visitors can be stationed at this porphyrin. Along the Plank Road to the north line of the north to reach Wu Huahai. An open, gentle slopes quickly to the end of the stack tired. Here is the Wu Huahai outlet and Kongquehe Road intersection, on the construction of a pier. Trestle south of the lake, water color gorgeous, dark green, sapphire blue, Tsui yellow color to a light hybrid cross of tantalum 10 colors, like peacock color wings; trestle north side, bend shaped like a reputation of head and neck holes, the top three trees may flower Ling . So from here the following is called Kongquehe Road. Along the left bank of Kongquehe Road northbound at about 100 meters across the river to the mountains will be on the road. From this road overlooking the Wu Huahai, but the scene even more stunning. Road to the south-easterly direction along the mountains, went to the Wu Huahai the highest point of the southeast, there is a large stone, known as the Tiger stone. Standing on rock overlooking the tiger You can see the whole picture Wuhua Hai.

Jiuzhaigou various attractions Wuhua Hai is the most exciting one. The surrounding hillsides, enveloped in a gorgeous autumn after the autumn, the colors rich, posture thousands of dominating the Jiuzhai. Wu Huahai half of Coleus concentrated in the vicinity of the outlet of the Lake, a Jin-Zhu Zhu Coleus weave, such as the Golden Flame. The water containing calcium carbonate, and containing different chlorophyll-of aquatic communities, in the sun under the action of the metamorphosis of colors, a round and round, a block, there are blue, with dark green, with yellow Tsui. Shore Lin Cong, red orange yellow green reflected upside-pool, a colorful, water sinks wood, plants mutually Dianran, its US Youmiao, so named Wu Huahai. Jiu Zhai said: Wu Huahai is shenchi that it Saxiang where the water, where the flowers Fan Lin, a beautiful and fertile.

G. Xiong Maohai
Xiongmao Hai waterfall waterfall height of 80 m to GAO Jun was known waterfall in Jiuzhaigou is one of the largest gap.
Visitors from the north side of the trestle Xiongmao Hai come to an end, along a steep downward escalator slowly down the stack, we can see from the right side of a trestle Fei Liu, the Panda Haikou swoop out of ravine in straight sets. This is Tao Fei Liu has been under a cliff of rock and boulders protruding cut into several paragraphs to several Diepu coherent. This is the Xiongmao Hai Falls Road, Falls.
Ladder placed on the stack, from the top overlooking the waterfall, it is like standing on the horizon the clouds. The Road Drop a gust of strong rapids integrated deep valley along the bottom of the river roared away, a huge momentum, such as full steam ahead. Then there is a staircase stack under the relatively gentle slope downward Plank Road, Plank Road was built along the rapids, people walking on the Plank Road in the quiet and enjoy the momentum rainbow rapids, mountain moving water, quiet, contrast strongly.
Plank Road in the scenic open space dotted with a number of purpose-built pavilion, pavilion building a multi-mountain countryside with the charm. From here into the one You Lin, until Wu Huahai to the sea, known as Youlin Plank Road.


H. Jian Zhuhai,
Giant panda eating bamboo is food, there is the growth of Jian Zhuhai lakeshore surrounded by wide, is the largest Jian Zhuhai characteristics, hence the name, open the inward Jian Zhuhai lake, water color blue. Reflection legend, Zhi Jiaoren not tell what is on the hill into the water is still flooding in the mountains.
Not far away is the Xiongmao Hai Jian Zhuhai downhill. Giant pandas are seen as auspicious objects, won the Jiuzhaigou Tibetan people's favorite. Jiuzhaigou is said to come here pandas favorite wandering, water, food, so this one is called Xiongmao Hai Hai Zi. The sea there is a white stone, black grain natural, very pleasant, like a giant panda Hantai.
Xiong Maohai water clarity, a clear reflection, and Jian Zhuhai similar. Especially in the balmy sunny days, lake blue sky and white clouds, white shore row of trees, lakes vigil peaks, silhouetted in the water, a blurred picture.
Xiong Maohai opened the Japanese were a prelude to ditch the essence of attractions, from here down, exciting attractions great beauty, an endless stream.

J. Swan Sea Swan Sea
group of the sea in Jiuzhaigou are special. It is connected with the lower reaches of the sea Grass, the vast majority of the lake has been deposited into a bank, half of swamps and lakes. Shoal on the green grass on the green in a clear stream meandering flow, nourish the side of the grass.
Swan Sea lie in the valley, the lake has reddish color crystal. Cang surrounded by green mountains and thriving plants, ethereal silence. Luxuriant plants this area, it attracted a swan love naturally isolated, often breeding habitat here. Swan arrived, often in the lake leisurely, slowly swimming, so this was known as the Swan Hai Hai Zi. Swan is a kind of migratory birds, bear the transformation and fate of the season, visitors will not be easy to see the swan trace.

K. Grass Sea
Sea Grass on the lake named after the slender luxuriant herb. Quiet here, peaceful, Grass and reflection exist side by side, there are waterfowl swimming among the inter-. If the rain season, the rain tour, is even more unique taste.

L. Jian Quan
sword hanging rock rock is a height of more than 500 meters, is shaped like a sword pierce straight into the sky pulling to Koho, walk down from the forests can be seen. Sword Grass-oriented rock side of the sea, there was a spring down from the hillside at the vertical diarrhea, such as the Bai Lian floating along the rock drift down, height of more than 130 m, known as suspension springs, the legend is female look ugly woman looking for men and gods, when Diego Acacia falling tears.

M. forests
Cang-black foliage, such as cover, crowded in upon, forest filled with resin aroma. On the ground covered with animal footprints. Into the forest, go back to nature, a sense of isolation, Jiuzhai vegetation, sunny lower pine, oak trees, lush spruce, hemlock lower north slope, Qi tree, birch, fir forest, the upper part of both the alpine shrubs and alpine meadow.

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