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Four Seasons picturesque Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou four seasons are very charming scenery. Point when the spring buds green, Bao Liu brisk; summer to shade Wai Wu, Ying-Fei-dance; autumn leaves to the shop Hill, Choi Lam everywhere; winter comes and the snow bound mountains, icefall jade.

The advent of spring, Jiuzhaigou ice and snow melt, spring water pan up, mountain flowers everywhere, distant mountains silhouetted against the fairy-tale world of snow, gentle and lazy lake access Chunyang kiss, and kiss next spring buds, kiss then moved to a natural state of mind you ... ... This is such a beautiful season, which is what a beautiful scenery!

Note : Spring in Jiuzhaigou lasts from mid Mar till late May,since Jiuzhaigou is located in high altitude region with great sunshine,so that it is not cold in Spring,you may even feel a little hot under the Sunshine.Also the ultraviolet light is very strong,so the sun cream as well as thin coat and sweater is necessary.The temperature difference between morning and night is large,so please remember keep yourself warm at night.
The road maybe slippery due to the melt of snow,so take care when you are have a walk.

Summer, Jiuzhaigou and set off in the green dripping Nongyin among the colorful Haizi, combing the green tree water technology and water plants, silver curtain-like falls express the four seasons of the most wanton passion, gentle wind blowing streamer sway treetop, stir your frame of mind as freely flowing water.

Note:Summer in Jiuzhaigou lasts from mid June till late August,it is also the rainy season of Jiuzhaigou,it rains every now and then but lasts not long.T-shirt,dust coat and jeans are normally dressed in this season,you will not feel hot unless you are under the direct sunlight.In addition,it is very cool in the morning and evening,you may feel a bit cold dressing the normal summer thin pants in these two period of time.so you are still recommended to take some thick clothes for the night. Anyway,sunglasses, sun cream and umbrella are highly recommended in summer.
The average temperature in Jiuzhaigou is 13 degree to 21 degree,the temperature difference is small.Strong sunlight in day time but very cool at night.

Autumn is the most brilliant season of Jiuzhaigou, colorful spot a false charge of leaves, the color forest reflected in the bright and the lake. Colorful Petals floating in the lake between rhyme flow. Bi distant skies blue and the net, since the good fortune of the most beautiful natural scenery of filling his eyes. Autumn came to Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou fully appreciate the Seven-: Autumn, Colorful, Blue Lake, reflection, waterfalls, rapids, Plank Road. Jiuzhai Seven-only solution the world is the beauty of beauty, with the different seasons, different times and changes. "Look less colorful, storied dye is golden." Autumn of Jiuzhaigou, colorful autumn hill and dale, like a remote exposure to fairyland. Autumn breeze, put storied autumn clothes, out of the whole Jiuzhaigou such as watercolor, dip each variety of colors, bright unparalleled. Sapphire-like glow among the lakes in autumn glory of wonderful, dreamlike. Every autumn, and became a sea of color, into the gate, as if the color into a huge kingdom. Bottom of the mountain, 3000 meters high is poor, with five vegetation distribution, Chiba million trees, colorful, a tree leading, full groove echo, 700 square kilometers Hill Lin Duyue moving.

Note: Autumn:Autumn in Jiuzhaigou lasts from late August till late October.Though being the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou,the coolness in Autumn pervaded the whole Valley,you are suggested to wear thin sweater or thick coat in this season, people who are afraid of coldness should take more clothes.
Since there may be crowded in this season ,please take care when you are near the lakes, fishing or throw food to fishes are forbidden.

Winter, Jiuzhaigou is particularly quiet, especially full of poetic, mountains and woods blanketed by trees, waterfalls and lakes冰清玉洁, blue lake ice in the sunrise and sunset the temperature difference in changing the wonderful ice pattern, Freeze's Falls, the thin flow of tones sent refreshing.

Note: Winter:Winter in Jiuzhaigou Valley normally lasts from late October till mid March next year,it snows a lot and the weather is very cold.In this season travelers are suggested to wear down coat ,thick pants and shoes.
Do not try walking on the frozen lake area!

Jiuzhai 4:00 scenery were different, Spring flowers, summer of Liu Bao, autumn leaves and winter snow, are all modern people whom wow, which all live far away from earth and deep depths of the plateau, in the quiet Napian may be able to hear the heartbeat of the Pure Land to see people fall into the spring and summer means of production, among the beautiful scenery, the feeling that any human language is difficult professed.

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