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Zechawagou  of Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic

A. on the season, the sea, the sea
next season, down from Wucaiche away soon reach the sea on the season.
Up and down season, the sea water varies with the season and the autumn, when the rainfall, the lake full, winter and spring seasons, the water level gradually lower, until the early summer, the lake or even all dried up lake bed covered with grass as grazing cattle of the blessed land .
On the next season, the distance between the sea very far own special characteristics.
Next season the most is the blue water color, transparency, it seems to be little blue ink. Lake Highway, a number of large height of trees, one to fall, the leaves yellow black-hearted, well looked golden garden trees. Next season, the sea along the mountains to leave the road to the downhill walk is full color on both sides of the row of trees. Road on the left is a small valley, the valley full of makeup, Shen Yan-Lin wipe the color.

B. Wucaiche 
down from a long line of 1 km from the sea shall be Wucaiche. This mountain elevation of 3,000 meters, Wucaiche on the deep in the bottom of the ravine in the mountain.
Wucaiche Although Jiuzhaigou congregation of the most exquisite sea, but its colors are the most gorgeous and, with Wu Huahai par. Wucaiche abnormal clear, through the water, can see the bottom of the marbled rock surface, due to chromatic aberration as well as the bottom sediment pool of plants of different colors, the original blue color of the lake has become colorful.
Zechawagou length 18 km, from the Snow Day Long Until a long sea, and is Jiuzhaigou tour routes within the four longest and highest of a tour route. .

C. Chang-hai 
Zechawagou Changhai located in the end, elevation over 3100 meters and a width of 600 m, the deepest lake reached Bai Yumi, is the most wide Jiuzhaigou lake, the deepest lake Haizi.
Changhai 4 weeks there is no outlet, water from mountain snowmelt. Strangely enough, a long sea never dry, but also give overflow embankment, so the Tibetans call "loaded dissatisfied with leakage or quitting," the Magic Gourd.
Changhai ink was blue, the surrounding mountains Emerald, opposite peaks, one to early autumn they were covered with white armor, the middle of a Bing-Feng Han-guang pressing. The shoreline north of the entrance there is a one-armed old pine, unusual shape, the side branches will occur, on the other side are bald as Daoxue.
Appreciate the long entrance to the left of the sea can be a bifurcation of paths into the left, go a long sea-side view. Here JUSONG tall and straight, everywhere green, color Yecheng Lin.
Chang-Hai lake freezes in winter, is a silver fairy tale world, this time, a long sea ice has become a natural playground, visitors can thoroughly enjoyed themselves in this roller-skating, horse racing. 

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