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Scenic Munigou Introduction

Munigou Valley is located in Moni Town, southeast to Songpan City, occupying an area of 160 square kilometers with an average altitude of 2800 meters. The annual average temperature at this area only goes to 4ºC. Peaks, caves and lakes coexist and enrich each other. Most of the lakes there have the same beautiful scenery as Jiuzhaigou. The calcified waterfall is as splendid as in Huanglong. Nowadays, Zhaga waterfall and Er’daohai are opened to the public.
Tourists can drive one hour to Zhaga Waterfall from Songpan or can ride a horse there which is more exciting. As for Er’daohai, only horses can take tourists there.
But can only go to the previous attraction, attractions, after a journey is arduous, can only horse travel, if there is a long holiday, to experience what their landscape rude Jiuzhaigou yo. Thicker because of their ethnic style combines the beauty of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in one, much more quiet than Jiuzhaigou, in particular, their winter is not freezing, even if the snow after another, you can still enter, of course, require the area.

Within the scenic mountain, forest, caves, sea and other relevant as-hui, trees everywhere, size, Hai Zi with Jiuzhai pools Bimei, calcification Huanglong pools with waterfalls, "Jade Pool," Zheng-hui. There are group of trench cave here for your base for exploring, there are pearl spa bath you, for those interested in archeology, as well as ancient fossils allow you to look back.
Munigou the existing two landscapes: Zhaga Falls, two sea.

A. Zhaga Falls
Zhaga scenic waterfall 5 km long ditch, at the entrance to the camp there is a flat Hill Road, Hill Road, the left slope, right side ditch, to the Director of the towering trees. Rode forward about half an hour later, after a Hill Road, went to the bottom of the waterfall scenic tour starting point.

From the bottom to the waterfall in excellent shape and total length of 2300 meters, in excellent shape and slid down from the waterfall, forming a multiple Fei Liu. The right side of the slope at large in the construction of a tortuous and easy viewing tourists.
Zhaga waterfall is a multi-layered Diebao, piles of ever-changing. High Falls, 104 meters wide, 35 meters, in order to China's highest waterfall calcification. Ti Kan from the huge lake on the calcification rate of 23 meters per second drop, the momentum of Bang Bao, Ocean Waves ten-mile.
Walk along the Plank Road from the bottom up, the first attraction is the Hongliu Lake. Here for the shallow waters of the open water lake, the water into the film Hongliu covered. The Wolong Beach, toad Palace, Luk Lau Beach, to mark the distance of 1,450 meters, we can see a unique group of small waterfall - the forest Diepu along the Plank Road to continue upward, passing through an abysmal pool, Yu Ye waterfall on the to the bottom of the waterfall splashing Jagalchi Yu Tai. Jade Terrace is a circular splash flat Shitai, when the waterfalls pouring down from the mountains in excellent shape, fall on this platform, spray splash, like white jade. After a steep of Plank Road, can go to the middle of the observation deck waterfall tour. Is flying down from here overlooking the jade beads splash "splash Jade Taiwan." To leave the viewing platform, the Plank Road began to steepen. After a crazy waterfall on the waterfall to reach Jagalchi source.

B. 2 Sea
2 Munigou the end of the sea, and the bar is only one mountain away hoarse waterfall. 2 the name of the sea a long time, is said to come from is Xiaohaizi the sea son of the two main lakes. "Songpan County," also has written: "The two sea, Songpan west, Ma On Shan, the two connected to the sea like a human head."

2 seascape is a long and narrow valley, up to 5 km, there is connected Plank Road. Upward along the Plank Road from the camp, along with views to the Xiaohaizi the sea son, Swan Lake, Emerald Lake, Lake rhinoceros. Everybody like pearls, precious stones. Among others hiding in the forests; some bare under the blue sky. Water clear, water like a mirror, Tsui Lam silhouetted in the water with one of fresh blue-year view. Summer and fall season, full of lake water pull full of white flowers, flower shipwreck points, its unique features. Between the sea by a large in connection with the sea and complex group of sea-seat pavilion, added a bit rustic charm.
Since two of the most scenic sea trip to the depths, there is an old pines, Panasonic is a hot spring, called perlas, l. de, also known as boiled beads Lake, Fairy Legend has it that nine days here, Lian-Quan by boiling beads to create a pool of illnesses and bathing. Where water temperature is higher, even the frozen snow winter season, water temperatures are 25 degrees. Pool sulfur odor intensity, often in the bath, is said to be capable of treating the skin riddled.

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