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Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

Jiuzhaigou Seasons charming. Rich in animal and plant resources, a wide range of virgin forest throughout, the giant panda habitat, and a dozen rare and valuable wildlife. Yuan Wang Xuefeng everywhere, towering sky, snow-capped year-round, plus collectors Mulou, drying rack streamer, trestle, mill, traditional customs and legends form the cultural landscape, known as "the beautiful fairy tale world" .

 Tourists to Jiuzhaigou, mostly via Chengdu. From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou Link has completed reconstruction, Jiuzhaigou Loop line from the things that constitute the ring, length 913 km. Travel east and west lines are more than 400 km, trunk line for the cement pavement, the area for the asphalt, one-way trip take 8 hours. Starting from Chengdu: Chengdu New South Gate Tourist buses are sent to the Jiuzhaigou tourist buses a day, 8:00 start, Simon station (in the camp entrance road) all the year round long-distance bus can reach Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong, a day shift (7:30 start) are night sleeper train, evening-morning to. Starting from Mianyang: daily 6:40 bus to Jiuzhaigou very beginning. Starting from Leshan: Thursdays and Sundays there are buses to 8:30.

Jiuzhaigou Transportation: trench against the social vehicle traffic, can take the green car sightseeing tours, travel section:
1. Mizoguchi - Snow Day Long 14.5 kilometers;
 2. Snow Day Long - 18 km long sea;
3. Snow Day Long - virgin forest 18 km, a total of 22 depot, was built in ticket sales tickets, voluntary buy-one-vote panorama, partition section ticket.
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Temple, 128 km distance between. Accompanying tourists can not worry about the traffic problems between the two sites. Backpackers from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong, can first take to Songpan, Chengdu direction southbound train 92 km to the Chuanzhusi (Red Army monument, where a car north Gansu and Lanzhou), sub-Ping Wu car eastbound direction 41 km is to Huanglong Temple. Jiuzhaigou tourist into the following seven lines:
Line 1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Wenchuan - Mao County - Songpan, along with Dujiangyan, Qingcheng before and after the mountain, Diexi Lake and other attractions. Apple may purchase Mao County. About 393 km from the Huanglong Temple, Jiuzhaigou 440 km. The road repair is better, basically take this path.
Line II: Chengdu - Wenchuan - Li County - Western Sichuan - Red raw - waqen - Chuanzhusi, long distance, but the road wide, safe and comfortable. Grassland along the way to magnificent scenery, enjoy Qiang girl "cliffs, overhead cable," to enjoy the exotic style of Tibetan township. Highway mileage is about 702 km.
Line 3: Take the train to Jiangyou Po into line station, change a car by force by the level to Jiuzhaigou County, Gansu Province, along the tour group Dou Shan, Li Bai Memorial, the sea light halls, the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing and other places of interest. Highway mileage is about 303 km.
 Line 4: Take the train to the Pou Chen Guangyuan line (or Zhaohua), for cars through to Jiuzhaigou County, Gansu Province, along with Guangyuan city, Zhaohua city, Huangze Si, Qianfo Yan, Jianmen pass, Bikou Reservoir Road and other ancient IA. Highway mileage is about 308 km. The road is dirt road, easily slide the rainy season.
Line 5: Take the train to Lueyang Pou Line Station, and transfer into the county by car, Wudu, Wen County, go to Jiuzhaigou County. Highway mileage is about 441 km. Northwest along with rare large cave - Wudu Vientiane hole.
Line 6: Take the Longhai Line train to Tianshui Station, transfer cars through Wudu, Wen County, go to Jiuzhaigou County. Highway mileage is about 546 km. Along with Maijishan Grottoes, Shek Mun scenic areas, into the county of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Cliff Han Chung (Huanglong Monument) and other attractions.

Line 7: Lanzhou - Gannan - Sichuan - Jiuzhaigou Valley, the whole car line. After Langmusi by Lanzhou, Zoige, Chuanzhusi go. Along the way there Liujiaxia Reservoir, Bingling Temple, Labrang Monastery, Sangkecaoyuan, the Yellow River Great Bend, Songpan grassland attractions. The road journey is long, straight road, Tibetan, Qiang, Hui ethnic customs and rich, after all, a great Jiuzhaigou mainlanders into line Lanzhou - Xiahe: 2:00 pm class. Morning of class time is not clear, fare 45 yuan (West Railway Station is said to have two classes of 7:30 am and 8:30). About 240 kilometers (some say 309 km), 4-5 hour trip. Xiahe - Langmusi: Xiahe Langmusi the bus every morning to 7:40 class, fare 44 yuan. Langmusi - Zoige: Langmusi to shuttle Ruoergai 7:00 am each day a group, fare 20. The whole 84km. Ruoergai - Songpan: Zoige shuttle to Songpan start at 6:30 every day, only one, the fare of 40 yuan. Full 162km (also available at Chuanzhusi off).

Songpan - Jiuzhaigou: Songpan day under normal circumstances, a total of 3 bus 7:00,11:30,13:00 sent Jiuzhaigou, full 104km, 2 hours to reach. 1, select the plane, where no discount air tickets, select the first flight and then fly Jiuzhaigou Chongqing, Chengdu and then fly than the first flight to the economic lot of Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu Huang nine daily flights to the airport, the fare per fuel + +50 980 yuan 50 = 1080 machine can be built before flying to Mianyang, Mianyang, take the shuttle bus to and from Jiuzhaigou.

Jiuzhaigou Airport name: "Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport" (the nine yellow airport). 9 Huang airport is located in Songpan County, Aba Prefecture in Sichuan town of NATO Chuanzhusi within 12 kilometers, so called Chuanzhusi airport flight flights currently open include: Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, Chongqing-Jiuzhaigou, Xian to Jiuzhaigou, Shanghai to Jiuzhaigou and many other lines. Low season (November 16 to March 31) Flight outage. 9 yellow airport in Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Munigou the center of the triangle three major scenic spots. Jiuzhaigou Airport 88 kilometers away from the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot Mizoguchi, 43 km from the Huanglong. Nine yellow car from the airport to Jiuzhaigou Mizoguchi takes about two hours. Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou and nine yellow airport shuttle bus between the air vehicle to Kaisibaoer, Volvo, Xiamen King Long luxury buses mainly vehicles using GPS satellite positioning systems and intelligent dispatch system, and is equipped with flight attendants guide services. Visitors can easily take the air bus. Chengdu / Huanglong Airport (1 hour), fast, but the frequent cancellation of flights or misuse of machines, no scenery along the route. Take the bus with the flight shutdown may choose other ways to Jiuzhaigou tour.

2, if you choose Auto, the majority of guests are coming from the direction of Chengdu, in the new South Gate and chadianzi two stations get to Jiuzhaigou class tickets, since the new South Gate has developed into a tourist stop, so are most of the donkey known, not many know chadianzi, but chadianzi to Jiuzhaigou relatively much more shuttle trips and chadianzi ring road in Chengdu, a city faster than the new South Gate for about an hour and it is not clear a lot of donkey messages. Suggest that you go to chadianzi ride ticket (called Paradise Hostel is the most convenient for staff to buy the handling fee of 10 yuan a lot of manpower saving!)

Jiuzhaigou trench traffic:
1, green tourism vehicle traffic at Jiuzhaigou more convenient. Trench in order to protect the environment, so that less spacious smooth winding mountain road, while increasing the number of trench reception, present, ditch all the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Transport (Group) company commitment to the green tour bus. This tour bus to use natural gas as fuel, virtually pollution-free. After the passenger ticket ride into the ditch, get off at any location or on the train, waving the car stopped, very convenient.
2, Jiuzhaigou in Jiuzhaigou winding path along the cliff in the forest along the cliff, as if a thread, the scenery along the round after round was a dazzling necklace strung together. The plank road, or stone floor, or trestle volley. Whether road, bridge, pavilions, Court, are filling the forest rustic charm. In the architectural style, they are elegant and flexible variety Pusu Jie. On the plank road, and some pavilions standing by the tree, and some to the tree as the column, utterly heart-style King Pavilion. People to break the tree, the Pro Tower Viewing, do not have a flavor.

Jiuzhaigou Shopping
In Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong area, if you're lucky you can buy locally unique Qiang embroidery, maowen apple, herbal and Tibetan Handicrafts "Tibetan Ring, Tibetan daggers, prayer beads," and so on. Qiang Embroidery: popular in Wenchuan, Mao-Qiang Wen colony area, the handling of the use of geometric patterns, bold lines, composition vivid and full, with distinct ethnic characteristics. Shading Apple: alcohol sweet delicate, aromatic, with Golden Delicious Red, red crown better varieties. Chinese herbal medicine: Fritillaria rich Northwest, Chinese caterpillar fungus, musk and other rare herbs. Chinese prickly ash, fern, fungus, etc. are worth buying. Although the Tibetan daggers very characteristic, but the airport does not allow shipment. Cang Shi refined beauty, but should not be expensive, you can counter-offer.

Best Travel Time
 "--- Jiuzhaigou Huanglong" has always been known as the "fairy tale world of fairyland" is incomparably beautiful landscapes. Jiuzhaigou tourist areas above sea level 1980 - 3100 meters, the maximum temperature in July average 17 degrees, the average minimum temperature of 3 degrees in January. Jiuzhaigou in the spring of lovely, brilliant summer, autumn nuanced, winter magic. Late spring to early fall the most visitors, October is the best travel time. Jiuzhaigou in late autumn is the most gorgeous, hillside tree leaves, in addition to green, it also presents a golden yellow, red and other colors, colorful, reflecting in large and small sea garden, hills, the same color, very charming, when the time is also the most visitors . Some tourists prefer peaceful rest of the winter, accommodation site closed, inaccessible mountains, lonely sounds of nature such as Zi, waterfalls, frozen snow seal genial. "Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong" As the morning and evening low temperatures, so even if the summer should also bring a set of thick clothing. More rainfall in summer, remember that umbrella.

Jiuzhaigou accommodation
 Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong scenic spots is very rich and widely distributed, and so to develop travel plans, reasonable accommodation will make your travel more wonderful time here. In general, the play Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou Mizoguchi lived in the vicinity of the proposed play live in Chuanzhusi or Huanglong Songpan. Location map of Great Jiuzhai Link

 Ditch outside: There are many large and small around the mouth of Jiuzhaigou hotels, if not the golden week, no problem to stay in price from tens of dollars to the thousand dollars. Note Do not believe stay hustler, compare their own and find a few, with attendant after bullish on housing prices. Mizoguchi nearby stars have Jiuzhaigou Sheraton International Hotel, Xing Yu International Hotel, Jiu Gong Hotel, Kelsang Guest House, Lotus Guest House, Kowloon Tong hotels and so on, price from 200 yuan to a thousand dollars; youth hostels There Jiuzhaigou Self Tour International Youth Hostel, youth hostels and other panda, the price of 30 yuan -80 yuan. If you compare waist drum, it can be considered to live in Paradise International Resort Centre (five star). Jiu Zhai Paradise known as Asia's largest natural-type hotel, its architecture and nature blend in with the environment, facilities, services are good. However, it is located Ganhaizi, 20 km from Jiuzhaigou mouth, some traffic inconvenience. Mizoguchi chartered from here to about half an hour to about 50; to Huanglong will have to more than two hours, around 200 chartered. Trench: In accordance with the provisions do not allow to stay in the groove. Trench was on patrol, 500 fine if caught would, and was invited out of ditch. Another could not stay but also to protect the environment, comply with all the best. If you insist on living in the scenic area in order to continue to play the next day, you can try to discuss with the trench Tibetans living in their home, but the difficulty is not small, and the attractions of the play to catch the end before 4 pm and return to the Tibetans home to avoid inspections. Trench accommodation prices from 20-70 dollars, and a further 5-10 per breakfast, lunch 10-20 dollars. There are more famous family trees were Village of Shida Shu, Liu and other small, cost about 60 yuan.
▲ ditch trench outside the residential accommodation VS: the benefits of living in the ditch is outside the wide selection, good accommodation, food shopping convenience, a Tibetan song and dance Banquet nightlife can spend. Drawback is that there are still some distance away from the Mizoguchi, walk or take a taxi to the past; another second To further dig into the ditch should block from 220 yuan. The benefits of living in the trench it is possible to escape again into the valley of the ticket, close feeling Tibetan customs; deficiency is "underground" is difficult to stay protected rights, conditions primitive, monotonous nightlife, be prepared flashlight or headlight out.

 Huanglong hotels near small, mainly Searle is cheap hotels, Hualong Villa and so on, and less choice. Hualong Villa 3 stars, good condition, the peak season price of 600 yuan stores; Searle is cheap hotel is a hostel, conditions generally, cheaper. Also Huang Longhai overstating the body may be uncomfortable, so I do not recommend to stay here, the best choice to live in Chuanzhusi or Songpan.

 Chuanzhusi is filled with hotels, from small private hotels to five-star hotel ranging. Min Source International five-star hotel, the price of three, four hundred yuan. Some other good hotels one or two hundred dollars, dozens of small hotels street element can handle that. In addition to a wide range of options, the live Chuanzhusi Another advantage is accessibility. Close to the airport here from nine yellow, played over the past 30 yuan; to Huanglong and only over 40 km, number of bus trips, the fare is about 20 dollars.

 Songpan accommodation of the more general, but more economical. 2 human 30.3 human 45, 80 is a more common standard room price. User Recommended Lucky Hotel, Ancient Melodies Inn, etc. (see Songpan County location diagram). It is worth mentioning that there are pine city state guesthouse, and was "Lonely Planet" recommended, from the bus terminal close, conditions can, price 100 yuan. Magnolia restaurant downstairs is also very popular Donkey respected. Songpan County small city to live here, check out, buy some small souvenirs, the price is much lower than in Jiuzhaigou.

1, Jiuzhaigou hot water supply is limited, and lived well before you ask. Served usually in the evening from 20:00 to 22:00, 6:00 ~ 8:00;
2, if the weather is cold enough to be enough hotel quilt, another is best to go to electric blankets; 3 accommodation with the larger seasonal fluctuations, in September and October the highest prices.

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