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Guilin is a key tourist city of well-known culture and history in china . More people come to Guilin for a visit,deeply impressed and giving high praises.
Guilin is situated along the Lijiang River,which is a attractive in itself.The beauty of water and the Karst peaks towering into the sky have attractedtravelers to this area for centuries.
Along the Lijiang Rive are two famous peaks,Fubo Hill and Xiangbi Hill ,each proudly showing off Guilin’s unique scenery.
While Guilin is a very beautiful place, many travelers simply pass though Guilin on the way to their true destination , Yangshuo. What make this place especially lovely are the people. Yangshuo is home to Zhuang, Yao, Miao and eight other minority groups. Each minority group bears their own customs and traditions.
The common favorite amongst all of the groups is the Song Competition. Each year, the song competition activities are held at the foot of Moon Hill on a mid-autumn day. For the competition, young people from the minority groups climb up to the hill top and sing a love song for their lovers.


Coach Tour in Guilin

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