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Things to Do in Yangshuo

What are the places that should not be missed in Yangshuo ?

When you're out on vacation to some exotic land such as Guilin, would you want to restrict yourself to merely touring around the place? Of course not. When you're in a place packed with pristine water bodies, lush mountains, gorgeous caves, and breathtaking views, you'd want to ensure you make the most of it.

Some of the popular and fun ways to do this would be to go on cruises, kayaking, mountain climbing, trekking, biking, or even walking about and taking pictures.

Guilin offers a number of great locations where all of the above mentioned activities can be carried out. For your benefit, here's a detailed list:

Yangshuo, the land of poets, is set in a fairyland surrounding of enchanting karst mountains and rivers. It is a dream-like China landscape immortalized by numerous painters and poets. The village itself has been here since ancient times. Established as a county in the Sui Dynasty in 590 AD, Yangshuo has always inspired artists throughout its history and became one of the most popular backpacker havens in Asia in the 1980’s. Of course, the major reason travelers come here is to gaze at the beautiful Yangshuo scenery, but once here you will discover that Yangshuo has a lot more to offer and that it’s a nice place to experience Chinese culture. Traces of its long history are found all over the county in architecture, stone caves, ancient bridges, but also in traditions.

West street is one of your highlight in Yangshuo, Guilin - at this beautiful places, you can enjoy special experiences...

West Street is the center and heart of Yangshuo town, known throughout China as the"Foreign Street" and"global town". It is indeed blend of eastern and western culture.

Most travelers stay on this street for its comfortable accommodations. There are a lot of hostels, guesthouses to choose from. And many restaurants serve both western and Chinese food. It is also a good place to do some comparative shopping. There are many shops selling local handcrafts and traditional arts and crafts. It gets busier from the afternoon until 11 to 12 at night.

Yangshuo is an ideal place for moderate hiking or cycling excursions, around the countryside you will pass rice paddies and limestone peaks.

Yangshuo is regarded as the most beautiful town in China. Exploring the countryside outside of Yangshuo town center is one of the great highlights of any visit to this region. There are various lovely rivers and streams, numerous fertile rice fields and a plentitude of old-fashioned villages in the area.

The perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Yangshuo is by bicycle. Rent a bicycle and head out to the surrounding countryside. This is a must if you wish to see the countryside up close. You'll come across some lovely untouched spots. Be sure to spend some time exploring the tiny local villages. If you are interested, you can pay a visit to one of the local farmers' houses and get a glimpse of rustic Chinese village life.

Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River 
Another way to check out the beauty of Yangshuo, on a bamboo raft! It's relaxing and nostalgic. Exploring the Yulong River by bamboo raft is a great experience and one that visitors should not miss. You can sit in a chair, float down the Yulong River on a simple bamboo raft and get back to nature. It takes about one to two hours.

The water is so clear you can clearly see the under water plants and fish. The scenery along the river is dramatic. Along the way, you can see mountains, farmers, water buffalo, birds flying, and even hear farmers singing and playing flute. It is a relaxing and idyllic retreat.

Kayaking in Yangshuo 
Kayaking along the picturesque Li River (Lijiang River) could be both relaxing and exciting. The kayak trip is from Fuli to Liugong or to Puyi. From Fuli to Liugong takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, 7km downstream and cost about RMB150/person. Fuli to Puyi takes about 3 hours and costs about RMB200/person. The paddling requires no great skill and is not too arduous. It is suitable for most ages. We use safe, stable kayaks which are ideal for beginner and intermediate paddlers, and always have a safety boat.

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo
After climbing over 800 marble steps, you will arrive at Moon Cave and get a panoramic view of the surrounding karst area.

There are many hills to climb in Yangshuo. Among them, the Moon Hill is the most famous. It is a great limestone pinnacle with a naturally-created moon-shaped passage going through just below its summit. If you climb all the way to the top of the Moon Hill, you will be rewarded with a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and countryside!

White Water Rafting
For something a bit different, try drifting down the Long Jing River. Get in a two-person raft and wait for the water to be released from the dam (usually at 3 fixed times each day). You are then propelled downriver for over an hour, white-water rafting ... without the paddles. Great fun!

Cave Exploring 
In Yangshuo,There are many different kinds of Caves,such as the silver cave,Dragon assemble cave,Water cave and so on,some of caves are well decorated by the colorful lights,but the water cave is a cave which quite different and natural.Compare to other caves,water cave not just let the tourists to see the stalagmites and stalactites inside,you may also take part in some activities inside the cave,and the activities is quite interesting and funning.

Tai Chi/Cooking Classes
In China, people like practicing the ancient martial art of tai chi as their morning exercise.

Chinese cooking school has the friendly teachers who can impart the secrete of Chinese cuisine as well as teach you in a friendly and fun atmosphere. You could learn from how to pick up the ingredients to how to mix them and then cook, the teachers teach by you hand-in-hand. You could enjoy the dishes after you finish them.
If you are interested in Chinese culture, Tai Chi and Chinese cooking classes can be arranged in Yangshuo.

Chinese  Cultural Experiences
Yangshuo was China’s first real backpackers’ haven, and this has resulted in the availability of a disproportionate range of cultural pursuits for such a small town. From Chinese calligraphy, painting,  it’s all here. In Guilin, you can study how to use Chinese brush to draw a Chinese painting. This interesting lecture is an exotic experience to know the oriental culture.

These courses will be accompanied by various themed language salons and games to better acquaint students with the Chinese culture. Moreover, these activities will provide students with the opportunity to socialize with and make many Chinese friends.

Tai Chi And Kung Fu  
Tai Chi, or "shadow boxing", is a graceful exercise developed from an ancient Chinese martial art that combines thought and action. You can learn how Chinese philosophy is realized in daily life.

You've no doubt come to China to feast on the local cuisine. So wouldn't it be great while you're in China to learn how to cook some Chinese food on your own? Fortunately, it's possible to enroll in a cooking class that will teach you the basics of this culinary art.

Cormorant Fishing
The Li River is the connecting waterway between Guilin and Yangshuo. Cormorant fishing was once a main method for the fishmen to catch fish on the Li River. It has become recreational life local people, and evening entertainment show for tourists from all over the world.

Cormorant is a kind of large and conspicuous waterbird, the cormorant has an almost primitive appearance with its long neck making it appear almost reptilian. It is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. Regarded by some as black, sinister and greedy, cormorants are supreme fishers which can bring them into conflict with anglers and they have been persecuted in the past.

Impression Liu SanJie
Impression Liu SanJie is an outdoor performance on the natural stage setting formed by the Li River and 12 peaks.

Impression Liu SanJie is an evening spectacular. It's from the famous director - Mr. Zhang YiMou who is also in charge of the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The performance is staged in a natural setting, where the stage is the Li River, and the backdrop is the mountains.

Your seats are in an amphitheater overlooking the bay. The performance lasts for 70 minutes. More than 600 local actors and actresses are involved and present this incredible tableau on the water. If you stay overnight in Yangshuo, do not miss it!

Yangshuo local culinary specialties will certainly be a unique adventure for anyone traveling here for the first time. There are some famous noodle dishes that are very tasty and also not to be missed is the wonderful Yangshuo beer fish.This region is also well known for its local fruits ,such as sweet oranges and persimmon, water chestnuts and Pomelo (a kind of grapefruit) and so on.Things to do in Guilin


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