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Hiking&Trekking Guilin



3 Days Chinese Bicycle Tour   
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   The Autonomous Region of Guangxi is famous above all for the scenery of Guilin, an oasis of fairy-tale stone peaks rising from valleys and rivers that has been celebrated by painters and poets for centuries.

3 Days Chinese kongfu Tour 

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    Guilin, a town has a surprisingly long history dating back to Ming Dynasty. North of Guilin, we explore Longsheng, area populated by several indigenous peoples, notably the Dong, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang. The impressive spot is the Longji Titian (Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces) - a mesmerizing pattern of undulating fields that have been cut into the hills up to a height of 2,625 ft.


 7 Days Longsheng Hiking tour   
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Afterwards, we start a three-day trek along trails traverses terraced slopes and bamboo forests and connect several Zhuang, Dong and Yao minority villages in the area. Onwards to Jiuwu Village, literally "old house" village, passing through several other minority villages on the way. Many of these villages are very remote, are only accessible via the trail and have hardly been touched by the many changes sweeping through other parts of the country.
After three days on the trail, we tour villages in incredibly scenic Yangshuo, and then enjoy the world-famous karst landscape of the Li River on a boat trip back to Guilin.


 Guilin, Xingping, Yangshuo Hiking Tour (6 Days)   
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Arrive in Guilin, Go to Daxu ancient town by bus, and visit its 300-year-old wooden houses inhabited by fishing villagers. Go from Foggy resort to Crown Cave by foot (hiking). And then visit Crown Cave. Cross Li River by ferry.Go from Yangdi to Xingping by foot (hiking). Walk on land with ferry rides in between. Go from Xingping to Yangshuo by bike (cycling). Go to 1,300-year-old Banyan Tree by bike and visit Moon Hill.


4Day Hiking Tours of Guilin-Jiuwu Town-Longji Terraced Field-Guilinget
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Arrive in Guilin and prepare for the trek, your trekking tour starts at Jiuwu Town.  we will descend from the mountains by trekking for 2 hours on a small winding path along the waistline of the mountains. Next we will take a bus to the foot of the Longji Rice Terraces and trek for 3 hours up to the top. We will descend from the terraced fields.


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