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Whether you are an art professional or anContrast the past, present, and future of Shanghai as you stroll along the Bund, studying the colonial architecture of Puxi and the ultra-futuristic skyscrapers of PudongVisit the stunning Shanghai Museum, which houses China's most extensive collection of painting and sculptureMeander through the canals of a traditional water town, glimpsing into the lives of ancient fisherman

Paris of the East, Queen of the Orient, city of easy spoils and even quicker fortunes lost - the relics of Shanghai's decadent and infamous past as the center of European imperialism are fast disappearing, replaced by no less extravagant symbols of modernity as the city strives to redeem its position as a prime economic center of the Far East. On this journey, we embark on a comprehensive tour of Shanghai that takes you through the various chapters of Shanghai's dynamic and colorful history - from exploring the old foreign concessions and graceful colonial buildings along the Bund to visiting the skyscrapers of Pudong and dining with the city's finest at the uber-trendy Xintiandi. We will also have the opportunity to delve into a more classical China, visiting the city's top-rated museums, sightseeing the sumptuous Ming-style gardens of Yu Yuan, and making a ride out to the nearby water town of Suzhou. Our guide and local expert will help you uncover the insider's perspective of life in the city, revealing some of the stories hidden behind Shanghai's many intriguing facades.

Different from political position of Beijing, the remarkable history background of Xian, Shanghai has its own charm. Benefit from the advantages of geographical location, Shanghai has become China's commercial and financial center which nurtured Shanghai’s characteristic culture.
As one of the unforgettable symbol of Shanghai, Shikumen witnessed the city's growing process and shaped the character of Shanghainese. Shikumen to Shanghai is the same as Hutong and Siheyuan to Beijing. One significant character of Shanghai is its tolerance and acceptance of foreign culture. You may check it out by strolling along the mile-long Bund. Nowadays local culture coexists with foreign cultures harmoniously in Shanghai.
And taking an real culture tour to Shanghai, you should never miss to taste authentic Shanghai Benbang Cuisine. Benbang dishes epitomized the advantages of Chinese cuisines and formed its only features fresh, clear, mellow, sweet or subtly spicy.

In addition, the Jade Buddha Temple with a collection of several exquisite Buddha Statute, the Yuyuan Garden with Ming and Qing architectural styles, the uniquely designed Shanghai Museum and Xujiahui, the booming Shanghai shopping center will probably give you another glimpse of this city that is modern but still retains its own cultural elements.

chinauniquetour. we provide in-depth knowledge of the best artists,  contemporary galleries and museums. Get an unique insider's look at the art scene in Shanghai.

Full Day Art Tour
For those who already have their tour planned but would like to supplement it with something different.
Shanghai Culture provides a concise, informative art tour; stops include the M50 gallery complex, the Bund
galleries, and museums on People's Square. Services include the following:

Restaurant booking (lunch)
 Shanghai Culture Tours specializes in
tailor-made tours that guide visitors through the
burgeoning arts and culture scene of this vast city.

Full Service Tour
We can take care of all your tour needs on the ground in Shanghai. This option includes art tour, architecture
tour, and/or walking tours. Our Full Service Tour is recommended for bigger groups with a specialized
focus. Services include the following:

Hotel bookings
Daily transportation & airport transfer (vans & buses available)
Restaurant bookings (lunch & dinner)
Activity planning & booking (tai chi classes, cooking classes, etc.)

Featured Trip Plan:
Day 1: Arrive in Shanghai; visit to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall; dinner on the Bund with views of the Huangpu River and Pudong skyline
Day 2: Visit to the French Concession; lunch in Xintiandi; Duo Lun street literary community & bookshop viewing, discourse with Shanghai historian; visit to Yu Garden; dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant
Day 3: Visit to the Shanghai Museum; drive to Suzhou; visit famous Master of the Nets Garden; overnight in Suzhou
Day 4: Tour the Suzhou Museum; return to Pudong airport on the Maglev train; end of journey

Shanghai Cultural One Day Tour 
Attraction:  Yu Yuan (and Old Town) ,Oriental Pearl TV i Shanghai Museum, BOriental Pearl TV   Xin Tian Di, he Bund 
Tour Type: cultural journey, Private Tour
Price from:$75 p/p

Shanghai Film Studio One-DayTour
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction: Shanghai Film Park  
Price from:$69 p/p

Shanghai Religious Architecture Tour
 Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction: St. Ignatius CathedralConfucius Temple (Wen Miao) 
Price from:$69 p/p

Price from:$69 p/p

Shanghai One-Day Jewish Heritage Tour
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction: Ohel Rachel Synagogue,  Ohel Moishe Synagogue The Bund . children in Shanghai. 
Price from:$80 p/p

Shanghai Religion Tour One Day
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction:Jade Buddha Temple (Nanjing Road) , Jing'an Temple,Shanghai Chenghuang Temple Xujiahui Cathedral, 
Price from:$80 p/p

Shanghai Muslim City Tour
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction:mosque of shanghai

Price from:$70 p/p

 3-Day Shanghai Essence Tour
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction:Urban Planning Exhibition Hall  ,Yu Yuan (and Old Town) ,The Bund Oriental Pearl TV ,Xin Tian Di
Price from:$349 p/p
4 Days Cultural Shanghai Tour
Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction:Urban Planning Exhibition Hall  ,Yu Yuan (and Old Town) ,The Bund Oriental Pearl TV ,Xin Tian DiMo Gan Shan Art DistrictHuangpu River Cruise
Price from:$370 p/p